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[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Moving in with the Outers

"How's it going, Juri?" Haruka asked curiously, looking back at the woman who was standing there, looking into the now empty penthouse apartment. The sandy haired woman walked back to stand beside her, quietly asking, "You all right?"

"Yeah," Juri smiled a bit sadly, "I'll just miss this place, is all." She pushed back her long orange hair, "I lived here quite a few years, ever since my Aunt left me the place."

"You aren't having second thoughts?" Haruka frowned.

Juri gave her a look, "Of course not." She shut then locked the apartment door, the two of them walking away down the hallway, "It's just a big step to take, is all."

"If it helps any," Haruka held the elevator doors for her, then followed Juri inside, "I was pretty nervous about moving in with Michiru."

"Really?" Juri looked over at her in honest surprise. "I mean, you two always seem like such a perfect couple," she said.

Haruka chuckled softly as they descended, "Just because you're madly in love doesn't mean you don't get nervous when you take a step like this."

"Fair enough," Juri agreed. The elevator reached the bottom floor and they headed out to where the van loaded with the rest of Juri's stuff waited. She gave her friend a smile, "Thanks for helping with all of this."

Haruka gave her a slight smile, "Michiru didn't really leave me a lot of choice." At Juri's questioning look she chuckled softly, "Just wait until you've lived with Setsuna for awhile, you'll see. Setsuna will get her wishes across to you loud and clear."

"There's a pleasant thought," Juri muttered softly.

Over at the Outers house, the remaining members of the moving party were gathering. "Wonder how long they'll be?" Ryouko muttered, her long blue hair flowing down her back.

"It shouldn't be too long," Michiru called out from the kitchen, "Haruka is driving, after all. They'll probably set a speed record getting here."

"You think so?' Sasami asked, helping out with preparing lunch for all the volunteers. Quite a few members of the Locket staff had shown up to help with the move, and the young lady was worried that there won't be enough food.

"It'll be fine," Michiru reassured her with a fond smile, her green hair tied back neatly.

Keiko put one end of the dresser down in the addition, May easing the other down on cue. "How's that, Setsuna?" she asked, her brown braid flowing down her back.

"Thanks," Setsuna smiled, pushing her greenish black hair back. "With all you here, I may not have to move anything."

May chuckled softly, "We wanted to thank you for organizing the anniversary party." She smiled, "I hope you don't mind?"

"I'm no fool," Setsuna smiled. She bowed, "I just hope you stay for dinner, then."

"With Sasami helping cook, you'd have to drag me away," Keiko said.

Hotaru paused, then walked off with a little smile. She was getting used to all this, knowing more people from Arisugawa's Locket. Even more she liked Juri, for how happy she was making the normally grave Setsuna.

"Hey," Ryouko gave the young woman a nod.

"Hi," Hotaru smiled back. "How's Ayeka?"

"Busy with the embassy," Ryouko shrugged wryly, "or else she'd be here helping out."

"As long as nobody lets her cook," Hotaru made a face.

"You got that right," Ryouko quickly agreed, both of them having experienced Ayeka's cooking first hand.

"They're back," Hotaru smiled upon seeing the truck pull up to the curb, "I'll go tell Setsuna."

"No need," Setsuna gave her a smile as she walked by. Haruka opened up the front door first, waving Juri inside and she took the opportunity to give her lover a hug.

"Good to see you, too," Juri laughed softly, holding her close.

"Eww," Hotaru made a face.

"Wait till you grow up," Ryouko offered with a grin, "you'll change your tune."

"Well, maybe," Hotaru blushed faintly, thinking of Chibi-Usa.

"Let's get the last of the stuff inside," Haruka offered with a grin, "then we'll have a little house warming party."

"Sounds like a plan," Ryouko agreed as they all headed outside.

"The bedroom's all set," Setsuna said softly to Juri as they walked out side by side, "and I think I'm going to like having your king-size bed around." She smiled sheepishly, "No more falling out of bed at inopportune times."

"I didn't mind your smaller bed," Juri smiled fondly, thinking of her first visits to the house, "as long as you were in it with me."

"Charmer," Setsuna sighed happily.

The last few boxes were carried inside, through the new side door into the new addition. The bedroom was larger than Setsuna's old one, with a separate livingroom and bath set up for Juri and Setsuna to share. There was a connecting door to the Outers' home and kitchen but it could be locked to ensure privacy.

Juri paused, speaking softly to Haruka, Michiru and Hotaru. "I know that having this done wasn't as easy as you want me to think," she said to them softly, "and I wanted to sat thank you again. I owe you, and I won't forget it."

"You don't need to.." Michiru started, only to have Haruka put her hand on Michiru's arm.

Haruka gave Juri a thoughtful look, then turned to Michiru to say with a smile, "Just let it go, honey. It's a pride thing."

"Welcome home Juri," Setsuna relaxed her head on Juri's shoulder as they stood together in the new livingroom, the others having left to give them some privacy.

"Welcome home, Setsuna," Juri agreed, tipping Setsuna's face up to plant a delicate kiss on her forehead. "I love you."

"Love you, too," Setsuna agreed. She smiled impishly, looking up at Juri to ask, "Now, what color of curtains do you want?"

"Whatever color you'd like, dear," Juri said innocently, and both broke into laughter.

Sasami and Hotaru had their ears pressed to the door, listening curiously. "They're laughing?" Sasami looked over at Hotaru in surprise.

"I'll never understand adults," Hotaru mused.

"Oh, I don't know," Sasami smiled back, "I should introduce you to my girlfriend, Minagi, sometime."

Hotaru blinked in surprise, "You've got a girlfriend?" She frowned looking at her thoughtfully, "How old are you anyway?"

Sasami chuckled softly before leaning over to whisper something in Hotaru's ear. As she talked, Hotaru's eyes got wider and wider.

"No way," Hotaru looked at her in surprise.

"Yep," Sasami grinned, "Juraian people age very slowly."

"Cool," and with that both young women quickly went back to rejoin the others, hopefully before they were missed.

Our Cast This Episode: Arisugawa Juri and Keiko from Revolutionary Girl Utena. Haruka, Michiru, Hotaru, Chibi-Usa and Setsuna from Sailor Moon. Ryouko, Minagi, Ayeka and Sasami from Tenchi Muyo. May is from Hand Maid May.