Utena, Revolutionary Girl Fan Fiction ❯ Arisugawa's Locket ❯ Christmas to New Years 2004 ( Chapter 63 )

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From Christmas to New Years: 2004

"God, what a night," Haruka sighed to herself softly, staggering slightly as Michiru reached out to steady her sandy haired lover.


"So did you actually plan to have Ryouko dancing on top of the bar dressed in only a Santa hat?" Michiru looked over at Juri curiously as the slightly tipsy green haired lady unlocked the front door of the Outers'' home.


"We never plan these things," Arisugawa Juri answered with a smile, "they just kind of happen." She shook her head, orange waves of hair flowing as she murmured, "I'm just glad that we didn't have the kids at the Locket this year."


"Oh yes," Setsuna agreed, nodding her head. The black haired woman looked lovely in her simple dress, holding on to Juri's arm in a comfortable way.


"Like to come in?" Haruka smiled slightly, "I'm sure that Hotaru would like to say hi before she goes to bed."


"Sure, why not," Juri smiled. She looked over at Setsuna and asked, "When will Hotaru be back from the kids' party?"


"The party up at the temple should be over by now," Setsuna noted, "but I don't know if Hotaru will be staying over with Chibi-Usa tonight."


"We can stay up a bit," Juri squeezed Setsuna's hand gently as they settled into one of the couches, noting the decorated tree in the corner with presents beneath it.


"Have you and Setsuna opened your gifts yet?" Michiru asked, carrying in some drinks from the kitchen then snuggling in beside Haruka.


"Not yet," Setsuna flashed a smile as she continued, "we'll wait until Christmas morning."


"Why?" Juri raised an eyebrow, "You two didn't give us a naughty gift, again?"


Haruka just smirked. Tilting her head to the side she continued, "I was a bit surprised you went with the gift-card route this year."


"They weren't gift cards," Juri smiled.


Setsuna chuckled softly, "They were debit cards, tied to separate accounts Juri set up for each of them. Their Christmas bonus plus a... substantial sum for each."


"Generous," Michiru noted.


"My stocks did well this year," Juri shrugged before frowning slightly, "and we're understaffed, so they've really earned it."


"You're looking for someone, of course," Haruka took a drink, smiling.


Juri nodded, "And I consulted with Hitomi, too." She made a face, "Apparently whomever it is will show up in the near future, but other than that...."


"I can't believe that you see a fortune teller," Michiru murmured with a smile.


"And is that any different than us going to Rei?" Setsuna countered calmly.


"She's got you there," Haruka chuckled. She looked at Juri curiously, "So what's been planned for New Years?"


"A costume party," Juri chuckled, "dress up as your favorite figure in history."


There was a click as the front door opened then Hotaru came inside, her short black hair framing her face. "Welcome home," Setsuna smiled, "have fun?"


"Oh yes," Hotaru flashed a smile. She tiredly hugged Haruka, Michiru and Setsuna goodnight, then clearly surprised Juri by hugging her, too. Juri was a bit startled but she recovered quickly, hugging the younger girl back.


"I almost wish I had a camera," Michiru chuckled once Hotaru had headed to bed.


Juri had the slightest of smiles on her face as she murmured, "I knew Hotaru had gotten more used to me, but...."


"I'm glad," Setsuna squeezed Juri's hand.


Haruka looked amused, then unexpectedly yawned. "Sorry," she looked sheepish, partially covering her mouth with a hand.


Juri looked over at a clock and shook her head. "It's well past two in the morning," she got up, helping Setsuna up as she added, "we'd better get to bed if we want to avoid being completely exhausted on Christmas Day."


"See you tomorrow," Michiru waved as Juri and Setsuna left the house and moved over to the attached suite where they lived. In the months they lived here they had gradually personalized the small home, each one bringing their own style and taste to the place.


Setsuna casually hung up the coats as Juri dropped their bags of gifts by the Christmas tree in their own livingroom. "So," Setsuna asked curiously as they moved into the bedroom together, "how are Utena and the others?"


"Pretty much as usual," Juri admitted as she undressed, "Utena and Anthy are looking for a place to live together, Touga's being a bit more of a respectable playboy, and from what I understand Saionji has gone up to the Masaki shrine to train."


"Miki and Nanami?" Setsuna asked as they settled into bed.


"Eloped," Juri flashed a impish grin, "they decided to avoid the sort of trouble their families might cause and got married secretly."


Setsuna looked over at her lover perceptively, "A little disappointed?"


Juri shrugged a bit uncomfortably, "Yeah, maybe. Miki and I were very close back at Ohtori, I would have liked to help...."


Setsuna nodded slightly, "One of the harder things I've had to learn as being a Senshi has been that sometimes, people don't want help."


Juri nodded slightly, the two of them cuddling together on the big bed. "I'd quite happily ravage you," she murmured sleepily, "but I'm just too tired."


Setsuna laughed, "Tomorrow?"


"Please," Juri purred.


A few nights later and Arisugawa's Locket was jumping as the New Years party went into full swing. Ryouko grinned as she worked the bar, the cowboy hat and matching costume fitting her perfectly while her sister Minagi wore a dress from the same era.


Mahoro looked at the blue haired twins curiously, "Why the similar costumes?"


"So we can switch outfits later on," Minagi flashed the black haired woman a grin, her scarred cheeks giving her smile a more impish cast.


"You two worry me occasionally," Mahoro chuckled, her Victorian maid's outfit hugging her slim body as she raced to answer a order.


"I wonder where Juri is?" Ryouko murmured as she slid a beer down the bar.


Not too far from the buildings a battle raged on, four figures moving swiftly to face the band of inhuman enemies. The pink haired woman's sword gleamed as she dodged, Utena's robin's blue eyes narrowed intently as she commanded, "Yield or die."


Anthy threw herself into the air, the dusky skinned woman's rose colored uniform edged in black, the red rose held confidently in her hand. She threw it with unearthly precision, driving another beast backward right into the others. "I don't think they're going to give up," she noted as she landed beside Utena, the other woman's clothes black edged in rose.


"And why," Juri raised her Juraian sword, the orange energy blade matching her hair, "do the Youma decide to turn up at the worst times?"


Sailor Pluto flashed a smile at here lover, the black haired Senshi of time holding her staff at the ready. "The fates have a sense of humor?" she suggested. She dropped her voice, "Thanks for agreeing to help out."


Juri smiled at her lover, "For you, anything."


"Let's finish this," Utena said as she raised the sword of Dios, the blade glowing white in the growing twilight.


"Dead Scream," Sailor Pluto brought her staff around, temporal energies swirling only to strike out into the core of the monsters, the others following up swiftly.


Back at the locket Bones stood guard at the door, the muscular black haired woman looking at the lady standing there thoughtfully. She was dressed casually, her green hair a bit messy and clothes just a touch travel stained. A heavy bag was slung over her shoulder and a musical instrument's case was nearby.


"Something I can do for you?" Bones asked.


"This is a nightclub?" the green haired woman looked up at the neon sign, Arisugawa's Locket written boldly with a cartoon of a locket containing the picture of a pretty girl beneath it.


"Yes," Bones admitted.


"My name is Alpha," she smiled engagingly before continuing, "I was wondering who I would ask about getting a job here?"


To be continued....




The Staff: The bar's owner is Arisugawa Juri, from Revolutionary Girl Utena. Minagi and Ryouko are from the series Tenchi Muyo. Mahoro is from Mahoromantic. And finally, Bones if from www.coolcatstudio.com


Our Cast This Episode: Setsuna, Haruka, Hotaru and Michiru are all from Sailor Moon. Utena, Anthy and the other Duelists are from Revolutionary Girl Utena. Finally, Alpha is from the anime and manga Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou.


Author's Note: I've been reading Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou online for awhile, as well as getting the three episode OVA and have become quite fond of the series. Alpha is an android running a small, rundown cafe and the series focuses on her relationships with the people in her community. Mildly shoujoai as well, in her relationship with a fellow android. ^_^