Utena, Revolutionary Girl Fan Fiction ❯ Arisugawa's Locket ❯ Honeymoon ( Chapter 79 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

The realm of Gaia was usually peaceful, but apparently not this week. Explosions rang out in the distance as Sailor Pluto spun her staff in the abandoned shell of a village, the tall black haired woman’s sailor skirt swirling as she struck. “You certainly know how to show a girl a good time,” she teased her companion in the deserted home.

Arisugawa Juri grinned back, her energy sword glowing orange as she swept through another wave of attackers, carefully disarming them. A gift from the planet Jurai it was a formidable weapon, especially combined with her skills with a sword. “It’s not my fault,” the orange haired woman replied, “Hitomi and Milerna recommended this spot.”

After firing off a dead scream into a band of attacking warriors Sailor Pluto smiled wryly, “I guess they didn’t realize things had gotten exciting here.”

“Either that,” Juri said wryly, as the enemy’s attacks seemed to trail off, “or they have a really interesting idea of what a vacation should be.”

“Think they’ve given up?” Sailor Pluto asked warily.

“Ho, Arisugawa!” a male voice called out to them cheerfully. A few moments later a tall, nicely dressed blonde haired man made his way up to the house, his long hair nearly glittering in the sunlight.

“Friend of yours?” Sailor Pluto asked warily.

The blonde reached them then he bowed charmingly as he said, “My name is Allen Schezar, ladies. Welcome to Gaia.”

Juri let her sword blade flicker out, even though she kept a wary eye on Allan. “What is going on?” she asked with a bit of amusement.

Allen’s eyes gleamed with amusement, “When I and my comrades hear you were visiting, we thought we’d make your arrival a lively one.”

“You were taking quite a chance,” Sailor Pluto noted as she casually leaned against her staff, “you could have been killed.”

“What’s life without a bit of risk?” Allan shrugged. He smiled, “Now that the introductions are out of the way, Hitomi and Milerna instructed me to bring you back to our sky-ship for dinner.”

“Shall we?” Juri looked at Sailor Pluto with a slight smile.

Sailor Pluto shimmered, her form shifting till Setsuna Meiou stood in her place. “Why not?” she laughed, “Though Hitomi had better make up for this little surprise.”

“I believe she has every intention to,” Allen cheerfully agreed as they set out, leaving the battered house and setting off down a stone walkway through the mountain village. The air was crisp and clean up there, and the sun shone down over a town that almost resembled some long lost European hamlet.

“I still can’t get over how unspoiled Gaea is,” Juri noted as they descended, seeing the young men and women they had fought gathering their comrades and returning either to their own vessels or to a larger ship floating nearby.

“The war was hard,” Allen conceded, “but we’ve worked hard to rebuild.”

They reached the bottom of the trail where the great ship floated, looking absurdly like some wooden cruiser from a hundred or more years ago. Women and men waved cheerfully from the railing, while a walk way had been extended to allow them to board.

“Setsuna,” Juri waved for her wife to board first, then followed her up while keeping a wary eye on their hosts.

“How did you like our little surprise?” Milerna smirked, looking like some kind of pirate as the blonde haired woman lounged by the wheel.

“Enjoy your moment,” Setsuna nodded to her as she said in a deadly purr, “because paybacks are a bitch.”

Milerna paled as Hitomi stepped up, her short brown hair making the seer look oddly boyish. “Juri,” she sighed, “can you keep your scary wife under control?”

“Why?” Juri smirked. “I’m pretty much in agreement.”

“We’ll bribe you with food,” Milerna offered hopefully.

Allen added with a grin, “And I think the twins Eriya and Naria are going to preform for all of us tonight.”

“That might just do it,” Setsuna conceded after a moment’s thought.

“Now,” a older man said as the tall figure dressed in battered leathers hauled out a keg of beer, “let the revels begin!”


“So,” May asked as the brown haired female cyberdoll helped close up the bar, “what do you think Juri and Setsuna are doing now?”
“I bet I can guess,” Excel smirked as she energetically helped stack chairs.

“Excel,” Keiko gave the other girl a frown, her brown braid bumping against her back. She wiped down a table as she mused, “I sort of wish she had said where they were going. What if something happens?”

“I think that’s why they didn’t tell us where they were going,” Sasami noted, the dark blue haired girl emerging from the now spotlessly kitchen.

“You know what I mean,” Keiko sighed.

Ryouko had a amused look on her face as the space pirate wiped down the bar. “Come on.” she sighed, “we all know those two can take care of themselves no matter where they go.”

“Hell,” the black haired accountant Nabiki Tendo chimed in, “even if they get themselves into trouble, I’d bet they’ll be fine.”

“I guess you’re right,” Keiko conceded.

“Of course I’m right,” Nabiki laughed.

“Here’s the last of the table cloths,” Alpha said as the green haired android finished bringing the dirty linens to the wash hamper.

“Thank you,” May smiled brightly. “And thank you for agreeing to do some extra hours with Juri away,” she added.

“Actually,” Alpha smiled sweetly, “I rather like it here.” Brightly she added, “I get to meet so many interesting people.”

“And get hit on regularly,” Midori Sugiura noted, the older woman still dressed in her flamboyant pink and red waitress outfit. The redhead had joined the staff recently, though everyone wondered how long she might last.

“Hit on?” Alpha blinked, clearly not getting it.

“Never mind,” Midori waved it off.

Nabiki gave her a shrewd look, “Midori, I have a question.” When the other woman looked at her obediently she continued, “How old are you, anyway?”

“Seventeen,” Midori lied boldly.

“Eh?” several people reacted in disbelief to this.

“Never mind,” Minagi offered as Ryouko’s twin finished putting glasses away at the bar, “if she says she’s seventeen, she’s seventeen.” A smirk, “Ryouko and I lie about our ages all the time, why shouldn’t she?”

“Hey,” Ryouko growled.

“Uhh,” Hyatt made a odd noise, the nearly blue faced girl having collapsed bonelessly over a nearby table.

“Does she always do that?” Midori asked a bit worriedly. “I could always call my girlfriend Yohko over to look at her....”

“No, she’ll be fine,” May reassured her.

“All right, all done?” Nabiki asked in a business like way, sweeping the cleaned up bar, dance floor and library with a critical eye.

“I think we’re fine,” Keiko agreed.

“Everyone, I hope you have a good evening,” May said sweetly as they all headed out, “and I’ll see you tomorrow.”

The group split up, some heading for vehicles while others used more exotic methods to go home. Keiko smiled as she opened the car door to her little compact car then went around to the driver’s side. Climbing in herself she said, “You’re doing a good job, love.”

“I’m trying,” May smiled back, “even though I’m still not sure it was a good idea of Juri’s to put me in charge while she was gone.”

Pulling out onto the road Keiko drove carefully but well into the night. “You need to be more confident,” she said, “everyone loves you there.”

May actually blushed. “Keiko, it’s not that simple,” she said.

“It can be,” Keiko said as she reached out to carefully squeeze May’s hand.

May folded her hands over Keiko’s, savoring the warmth. “I’ll try,” she promised quietly as they slowed in front of their apartment building.

“You’d better,” Keiko winked impishly.

To be continued....