Utena, Revolutionary Girl Fan Fiction ❯ The Most Unexpected thing... ❯ Chapter 4

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Revolutionary Girl Utena: The most unexpected thing...

Part Four

Utena looked terribly uncomfortable, standing there in Juri's dorm room, and the orange haired duelist had to smile slightly. Juri looked at her curiously, "This isn't about what happened out at the fountain, is it?"

Utena blushed, "No."

Juri tried not to sigh in relief. She very rarely regretted anything she did, but that was something she did feel just a bit badly about. Sitting out by the fountain she had talked to Utena, a simmering anger rising in her over the girl's cheerful innocence, and in a fit of rage she had tried to take Utena's signet ring away from her.

"Sit down," Juri said gently a bit more gently, waving to one of the chairs. She sat down on the side of her bed, watching Utena pull out a chair and sit. "All right," Juri braced herself with a bit more of her tea, "what's wrong?"

"I.." Utena was looking down into her teacup, "it's about Wakaba." She looked up to meet Juri's eyes, "I'm worried about her."

Juri sat up, concern on her face to demand worriedly, "Is something wrong? Something she isn't telling me about?"

Utena smiled wryly, "I'm worried about her being with you, Juri."

Juri relaxed a bit, but looked over at Utena in confusion. "We're not.." Juri started weakly, then shook her head. She liked being around Wakaba, and if she was honest with herself she might be going beyond simply liking her.

"You may not have done anything," Utena smiled slightly, "but I've seen the way Wakaba looks at you, how she talks about you. At the very least she's badly crushed on you." She took a deep breath, "I just don't want to see her get hurt."

Juri just had to smile to herself, despite the oddness of having Utena acting like Wakaba's overly protective big brother. "I'll do my best not to hurt her," she said to her quietly, "but I can't promise anything."

"Just treat her well," Utena said to her softly as she got up out of the seat and made her way towards the door, "that's all I ask."

"I'll do my best," Juri answered as Utena left.

A short time before then, a young woman stood in the shadows nearby Juri's dorm. She watched Nanami leave with a thoughtful glance, then Shiori sighed softly. 'She probably told Juri about my trying to get her help,' she thought wryly.

The blonde duelist wasn't really Shiori's type, normally. Nanami was self-righteous, arrogant, and far too devoted to her elder brother for Shiori's tastes. Still, she wanted to increase the odds of Juri losing the sword competition, and Nanami might be useful for that.

Shiori had left a note in Nanami's locker, unsigned but scented with her perfume, gambling that her curiosity would cause her to follow the instructions written inside. Waiting in the decorative gardens she watched Nanami make her way through the greenery, eventually reaching the secluded spot indicated in the note. Nanami had smiled slightly and remarked, "Somehow, I'm not surprised."

"You're right on time, Miss Nanami," Shiori had smiled

"You wanted to see me," Nanami said, "so talk."

Shiori felt the coldness of the girl's gaze, but just smiled at the challenge. "I was wondering if you were planning to enter the free-sword competition at the end of the next fencing match?" Shiori had asked, moving a bit closer to where Nanami stood.

"I was considering it," Nanami answered her quietly.

Shiori moved closer to Nanami, angling her body slightly to highlight her many charms. "If you could defeat Juri then," Shiori had reached out, gently cupping Nanami's chin as she let her perfume wash over her, "I'd be ever so... appreciative." She leaned in a bit closer, her breath brushing Nanami's cheek before a gentle hand on her chest stopped her. Shiori shivered in anticipation, surprised to find herself getting turned on.

"There's two things that you need to know," Nanami's voice was quiet, and Shiori felt a moment of anticipation, "first, if I fight Arisugawa it will be for my own reasons, and second," she abruptly pushed Shiori away forcefully, "I'd sooner kiss a snake."

"Your brother didn't seem to mind it," Shiori shot back at her from where she lay sprawled out on the green grass. Her breath was coming even faster as Nanami stood over her, her stance clearly showing her dominance.

She smiled slightly as Nanami froze, then the girl forced a slight smile onto her face. "Then I'm glad that I'm not repeating my brother's mistakes," she had answered.

With a slight smile Shiori had got up, dusting herself off carefully. "You know," she looked up at Nanami through half closed eyes, "I think I kind of like it rough." With that, Shiori had left, intentionally letting her hips sway as she walked away.

Moving out of the shadows as Nanami disappeared from her sight, Shiori felt oddly troubled. She really had enjoyed her little encounter with Nanami, maybe a little too much. Sleeping with Juri had been a pleasure, but she had always felt there was something missing.

'At first I thought that it was the boy's part,' Shiori thought, 'but maybe Juri was just being too.. kind to me? Is that what I need?'

With those disturbing thoughts in her head Shiori walked back towards her own dorm room. Opening the door the ticket to the fencing match was there just as Akio had promised her earlier that evening, but somehow it wasn't as satisfying as she thought it would be.

The next morning Juri smiled to herself slightly as she walked to classes. 'So today's the day,' she mused, 'the fencing match is finally happening in only a few hours.' Competitors from many local schools would be there, and everyone involved would be gunning for her, the fencing champion. Oddly, that didn't worry her too much.

'The real competition will be Saionji and Touga in the free sword competition,' Juri thought. Both were excellent swordsmen, and with Shiori being involved they probably thought that their pride was at stake. Shiori would have appealed to their ego, of that Juri was certain.

'I'm just glad that Utena hasn't entered,' Juri mused, thinking of the girl's almost supernatural ability to win duels.

"Juri-sama!" Wham! Juri was unexpectedly hit from behind, staggering under the weight. Wakaba slid down from her back and grinned up at Juri, "You were getting all serious again."

"Thanks," Juri smiled wryly as they fell into step together.

"Thinking about the fencing matches today?" Wakaba asked, her brown hair falling in a cute little curl down across her forehead.

"Just measuring up the competition," Juri agreed.

"You'll win," Wakaba said softly, her voice filled with absolute conviction, "I know it."

Listening to her words, the sincerity in them, Juri could easily believe it. Still, she smiled slightly, "It's not quite that simple."

"Oh yes it is," Wakaba beamed, "you're the best."

"That's true," Miki agreed as he fell into step beside her.

"You, too?" Juri smiled wryly.

"Of course," Wakaba smiled, "I know everyone thinks you'll win." They walked on, and apologetically she said, "My first class is this way, I'll see you at the matches!"

Miki had to smile slightly as Wakaba gently tugged Juri down, planting a soft kiss to the startled Juri's cheek. Juri stood there frozen a moment, and Miki chuckled softly, "Has she done that to you before?"

Juri touched her cheek, feeling mildly stunned. "No, she hasn't," she said softly.

Miki nudged her gently, and the two moved on together. "I've got news," he said quietly. As Juri looked at him Miki smiled wryly, "It seems that Shiori has managed to get tickets to the match."

Juri made a face, "Great, just great." She ran a hand through her hair, "Let's hope that she and Wakaba don't meet, or I don't know what will happen."

Miki smirked, "Personally, I'd bet on Wakaba kicking Shiori's ass."

"Miki!" Juri scolded him, but he just smiled.

To be continued...