Utena, Revolutionary Girl Fan Fiction ❯ The Seductive Order ❯ The Seductive Order ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

The Seductive Order

By: Oneesan no Miroku Houshi

Things have been going normally for Tenjou Utena, a proud worker of a local fast food restaurant. She had been working hard all day, taking orders from many customers and earning a few extra dollars. The pink haired girl was taking a rest when she saw yet another car pull up to the ordering box.

“Here we go again.” Utena sighed to herself.

“Hello, this is WacDonald’s may I take your order?” The red haired driver of the car could hear intone over the speaker box located conveniently outside of the eating establishment.

“Hello, I would like a hamburger with extra pickles…’ The red headed man said seductively into the receiver, catching on to who was working in the establishment and knowing that voice.

Utena just blinked. “Okay, and would you like anything else?”

The pink haired girl looked confused and a bit disturbed at the sound of the voice. She knew she had heard it somewhere else before, but where? It sounded so…Familiar.

Touga continued to order some chicken nuggets as well as other food items and said everything in a slow and sensual mannerism. He got to where he was whispering his order into the speaker and the pink haired prince had to nearly smash the ear piece into her ear to hear what he was saying.

Then, more audibly then the rest, she head “Sweet and sour sauce, poured all over my body….”

Utena look her hand off of the speaker and it nearly went flying off of her head. A look of shock and bewilder crossed her face. “What?” Was the barely audible noise escaped her pink lips as she heard. “That is all.” Announced into the speaker.

“….” Was all Utena could manage to say as she sat the head phones down and decided to give the order to it’s respected owner just to find out who had ordered those things from her. She walked in a zombie-ish state as she waited for the cooks to hand her a bag. After standing there, perfectly still like a statue, she was handed a bag and went over to the order window.

There, sitting in a convertible was none other then Ohtori Academy’s playboy and Vice President of the Seitokai, Kiryuu Touga, smiling a sly and seductive smile at Utena, who felt her face become a little heated upon seeing his face.

“So, what about that order?” Touga asked.

Utena stood there, wide eyed at him. She said nothing as she stared at the smiling customer, and she felt herself blushing a bright pink, almost the color of her hair.

He leaned up to the window as she slowly handed the red head the bag. He took it slowly and looked into Utena’s bewildered eyes. He stole a quick peck on the lips from the bewildered girl, before getting into his car and driving off, leaving Utena shocked as confused as she put a shaky hand up to her lips.

‘T-Touga?’ She thought as she watched him drive away.

As Touga was driving, he glanced over to the bag, upon reaching in it for his hamburger; he pulled out a small tub of sweet and sour sauce, and smiled a victorious yet amused smile.

“I see she didn’t forget the sweet and sour sauce.” He said to himself. “Too bad it wasn’t enough to cover my body.” He joked as the car sped off.


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