Vampire Game Fan Fiction ❯ Hidden Even From the Sun ❯ One-Shot

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“Yes, Ishtar,” replied the royal baby-sitter in question, glancing at her.
“Come with me?” Surprisingly, Ishtar sounded more as if she was asking than ordering. Immediately on the alert for something very strange, Darres followed her to the chosen destination, a cherry orchard. Spring buds already coated the strong limbs, a few having burst into blossom. He inhaled deeply of the elusive, subtle aroma, treading the dirt path woven through the thick trunks and scattered sunlight.
Ishtar halted and turned into the trees, raven hair and violet garments swishing behind her, and a line of worry appeared between the guard's brows. Just what did the young princess have in mind? Where was she leading him?
After a while, Ishtar turned to face him, a strange glitter in her eyes. Darres did not see what was particularly special about this dense, beautiful, and nearly dark part of the orchard. The thick shade fell across them, almost uncomfortably chilly, and the only sounds were their breath and the distant cry of songbirds. Damp, hidden, and beautiful, but to what end?
Then it struck him. Here, so deep in the orchard, it was like a secret forest...and no one could find them. If Ishtar knew about places like this, then it was no wonder he'd such trouble when searching for her. Truth be told, it was amazing he ever found her at all. Shifting his feet in the thick loam, Darres realized that his observation in no way satisfied the issue. Why would Ishtar want to be in a place like this, where no one could find them? What, exactly, did she intend to do?
“Darres?” Her voice bore an undertone of mischief.
“Yes?” Darres did not like the glint in Ishtar's eyes.
“As my loyal servant and bodyguard, you have to follow my orders, right?”
Darres gulped and nodded mutely, afraid to wonder where this was going.
“Kiss me.”
Darres shook his head dumbly, feeling a strange constriction, conflicting emotions battling for supremacy, a claw tightening angrily around his heart when duty won. “Ishtar, commands need to remain within the bounds of proper protocol, and I'm fully authorized to refuse you if I have a suitable reason.”
“A suitable excuse, you mean.” Ishtar cocked her head, hair falling luxuriously across her shoulders, an even darker black here in the thick shade. “No one's watching, though, now are they? You want to kiss me. It's in your eyes.” Ishtar raised her chin, gripping his shoulders, and let her eyes flutter shut. He would do it, she knew.
Darres remained stubbornly in place, duty and desire warring beneath the surface.
Well then, perhaps he needed some encouragement. Peering through barely open eyes, Ishtar stood on tiptoes, hands on his chest, and leaned closer. Great, did he have to be so tall? She couldn't reach!
Throwing her arms around his neck, the princess placed her mouth on his, almost hesitantly, in a chaste kiss. In surprise, Darres leaned over, as he should have to begin with, so that she could kiss him properly. After a moment, both drew back.
“I still want to marry you,” came the whispered sentiment as Ishtar hugged Darres fiercely.
Said bodyguard choked on a blush, but was too aware of the answering stir in his own heart. Hidden even from the sun, did protocol or duty matter here? The only language this silence understood was that of the heart. In a cherry orchard, apart from the scrutiny of critical eyes, it was easy to love.
His arms tightened about her.