Violinist Of Hamelin Fan Fiction ❯ Missing ❯ Chapter 1 ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
This is the first fanfic I've written in a long time so I'm sorry if I'm a bit rusty. I got inspired by watching the last episode of Violinist of Hameln (which I don't own). Anyway I hope you enjoy it. I won't take flames but suggestions are ok. Oh and sorry for any OOCness.

Sizer flew in the sky. She closed her eyes as she felt the wind benethe her wings. It's been 10 years since her brother was sealed inside Pandora's Box and yet Flute hasn't opened it. Sizer let out a soft sigh. She was alone in the world. Her mother is dead and now her brother and father sealed inside the box. She fought back the tears that began to form in her cinnamon colored eyes. She suddenly felt a sharp pain in her wing. She looked to see she was shot in her wing. 'It must have been some hunters' she thought as she began to fall to the forest floor below.

Raiel sat at the campfire, making some stew. Birdie and Mifa were practicing singing the song Pandora used to sing. Raiel smiled sadly. That song reminded him of her. Raiel shook his head. 'What are you thinking? She left a long time ago' he thought as he put the stew in the 3 bowls. Raiel never admitted it, but he loved Sizer. He fell for her the day she told him to never to forget the sweet sound of revenge. He still felt her soft lips on his cheek.

Suddenly, he heard the snaps of tree branches and a loud thud. Raiel quickly got up and ran to the source of the sound. As he came closer, he saw something or someone laying on the forest floor with a pool of blood slowly forming under them. Raiel reached the person and gasped. There, laying in front of him, was Sizer. He noticed that her wing was wounded. He kneels down beside her and examined her.

She hadn't changed much over the years. The only difference was her wings were now white with a slight yellow hue to them. Raiel gently picked Sizer up and carried her back to camp. Raiel put Sizer down on a soft blanket and turned to Birdie. "Get some bandages and water quickly!" Raiel exclaimed. Birdie nodded and when into the caravan to get the banadages. Mifa looked at Sizer and back at Raiel. "Who is she?" Mifa asked. Raiel answers "Someone important to me" as he took the bandages from Birdie and wrapped Sizer's wounds after cleaning them.

Raiel said nothing the entire night. He sat beside Sizer. Birdie smiled softly as she watched Raiel look after Sizer. Even thought Sizer tried to kill her, she had forgiven the fallen angel after she learned what happened. She tucked Mifa into bed. She went to her makeshift bed and slowly fell asleep. Raiel didn't know know how long he had been sitting beside Sizer. He figured it had been quite a while since Birdie and Mifa were already sound asleep. Raiel gently brushed a lock of Sizer's hair away from her eyes. He had grown out of his nose bleeds, well almost. He still got them if he saw a woman bathing.

Raiel felt his eye lids grow heavy and he layed down and feel asleep beside Sizer. That night, his dreams were haunted by his fallen angel.

This is my very first attempt at VOH. This will be anime-based since I have yet to read all the mangas of VOH. I realized that in the anime they never made it clear if Raiel loved Sizer or not, but I think he might have loved her a little bit. As for the title, it's based off an Evanescecne song I'll use in the fic later. Please R&R.