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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Ok people! This is the first story I have written that will be in chapters! It's seriousness all around this chapter, but things are to change later on. Updates will be slow since classes will weigh me down!! *grumbles to self* `darn teachers and their stupid projects…' Oh, yeah, I think I have to put a disclaimer on this since it's a crossover… Don't own anything except San, Domono, Aranak, Darkakasi, and Asano! All the rest of the characters I just use for my stories.

He watched, and waited for the day he would finally show who he was...watched on eternally until the one who would free him came...

"No, you two must stay here and protect the forest against those who still wish to destroy it."

"Rrr... but what if you are harmed, San? We wouldn't be there to help you!"

The sounds of voices unknown filled the glades of the Ikkana Forest, voices that were human, and yet, were not. The animals that inhabited the forest, as well as the Kodamas; the tree demons, paused to listen to the argument. It was early sun-past, or as humans would put it, dusk. In the shadows of the glades near the Akagi village, the silhouettes of two creatures of large stature and a young woman of about sixteen spoke calmly in the sunset. The inhuman creatures, wolfdragons, growled constantly as they spoke.

"You forget, Domono, I have Shishi within me to guide and protect me."

"Gnnn....San. Have you forgotten about Darkakasi? He needs you so. And yet you are to leave for a long time, possibly to never return?"

*sigh*"Aranak, don't make it sound so depressing. Yes, I will miss Darkakasi very much, that is why I am sneaking down there tonight to say goodbye. Now don't give me that skeptical look. I'll be fine. And I will come back. I will make sure of it!"

"Mrrgh...I know... but I will miss you..."

"I too, will miss you very much. But remember, no matter how close or far I am from you, I will always be here." She patted Aranak on his chest. "My brothers, I promise I will come and visit from time to time, but I need to make this journey. Shishi depends on it. Now, I want you to head back home, and I want you to not look back."

"But San!"

"No! Aranak! This is hard enough leaving the place that I've lived all my life and going to a place that I have never seen before! Do as I say! Please!"


"Aranak... It is not my choice. I wish I could stay, but I cannot. Please."

"RrrrrrrrRRRAAAGH!!!" The younger of the two wolfdragons roared in anguish and ran off into the woods, tears unknown to the other two streaming down his face.

"Aranak...I'm sorry..."

"San. You need to go. He'll be fine. You need to make your farewells to Darkakasi."

"You're right. Domono...take care my brother." She stretched up to meet his huge neck and hugged him fiercely.

"Go now." She nodded and flitted off toward Akagi village.


Darkakasi sat in his room, staring up at the sky through the hole in his roof he made for star watching. Unconsciously he sighed and wondered when he'd get time off from helping rebuild Akagi village. Yes, it was good pay, and the hard work had made him stronger, but he missed San. As he thought of her, his eyes slid shut in exhaustion, and he almost fell asleep until he heard a slight rustle on his roof.

Upon opening his eyes, he found himself staring at the silhouette of a young woman, long brown hair flowing in the slight breeze, bangs brushing her cheeks, long, pointed elf-like ears flicking at sounds unknown to him, her red, almost cat suit-like outfit hugging her body like a second skin. It was embroidered with gold links on the sleeves that were cut in a sleeveless type style, as was the forked-out collar. It had black slash marks decorating it in the manner of a tiger. The skirt that also hugged her long legs cut off about 5 inches above the knees matched her shirt. She also had red leg boots to match. She still wore the same necklace that Darkakasi had given her a year ago in the Youkai War. Her blue eyes, not almost black, but not a cerulean color, stared at his mud brown ones.

"(1) Konbanwa, Darkakasi-kun."

"A-ah! San! What're you doing here? How'd ya get in? Where did you come from? Who-"

"Shh!" She clapped a hand over his mouth. "I got in by sneaking!" She gestured like it was the dumbest question he could ask. "And I came here to see you, obviously! And you should know by now that I have been in the forest!" He looked at her and took her hand away from his mouth.

"I'm sorry. You scared me so I started to jump to conclusions. Can we start over?" She gave him a small smile.

"Yeah." He turned away from her then turned back and looked at her, as if he were surprised to see her. He walked over and held out his arms.

"San! It's great to see you! I've missed you." He kept walking and touched her shoulders with his hands, asking permission to hug her. She nodded. He slowly embraced her, holding her so close, San almost had second thoughts about leaving. She shook those thoughts out of her head and gently pulled away. She had a mission, and Shishi depended on her.

" Darkakasi… I have a reason other than seeing you to be here. I…" She faltered in her wording. Darkakasi saw she was having trouble trying to tell him something and slid an arm about her shoulders.

"Dar.." She used her nickname for him. "This is so hard to say… I guess I can say that I won't be here for a long time and I wanted to say goodbye…"

"N-nani?? But why?"

"I have to go on a mission for Shishi, since well you know he is part of me now, but he is sick, and I need to help him. I've got to travel far away, and I might not return."

"San, I…" She shushed him. She turned to look up at the stars.

"They're sending me there."


"I'm going to have to go into the stars. To a place called the Feudal Era in a place called Ancient Japan… I'm supposed to find a demon there, he's supposed to help me, I guess." As she talked, she failed to notice Darkakasi walk closer until they were almost touching. He gently lifted her head with his hand, and stared into her eyes.

"San, if you're leaving, I want to ask you an important question…" He inched her face towards hers.

Suddenly, a bright beam of blue and red light came surging through the ceiling on top of San. She began to lift up into the air and all Darkakasi could do is watch. Suddenly he jumped up and tried to grab her hand.

"San!! SAAANN!!" He yelled to her but the light took her up and she disappeared. He dropped to the floor in the hut and broke down. He whispered words that only he could hear. "(2) Kimi wo suki da…"

And that my readers, is what they call a cliffhanger!! I think I cut it off a little short, but more will come, can't say when, but it will come soon! Remember, reviews are the seasoning for longer chapters!! Ja for now! ~ Nightswirl Youkai

*Note: I'm not a master of the Japanese language so forgive me if I get translations wrong on the footnotes! ^_^;;

(1)Good evening

(2)I love you…