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5:15 pm. City of Darko.

“What a tired day!” Allen Schezar sighed as he walked out of the police station. “Wish I could have a day off. Criminals, criminals, criminals… what a sick society.”

“Well, that’s our job to make this society more healthy, right? If we don’t do these, then we just become another kind of criminal in this society.” Vega responses to his partner and mentor, Allen.

Both Allen and Vega are detectives. They are among the top-ranked young detectives in the country. Both of them are handsome, well-built and have golden long hair.

“Yup, ya right. Wanna have a drink?” Allen asked


Right before Vega answers “sure”, Allen cell phone rings.

“Hello? Hey, what’s up?”

“Allen, another robbery occurs. It’s similar to the 6 robberies that happened last month in the Shinko area. This time, it’s in your region. Darko Bank, located west of the Darko mall.”

“Hmm… okay. Me and Vega will be there in a minute. Over and out.”

“Another robbery again?” Vega asked.

“Yup. Darko Bank. Similar to what happened last month in Shinko. Interesting…” Allen murmurs, then sink into a deep thought.

“Interesting”, Bulma thinks as she read thru the letter.

Dear Ms. Bulma,

We are the staff from the EGNever winter resort, a well-known and high-classed resort for winter getaway. On be-half of Mr. Kabyap, a well-known mountain skier, we want to say: Congratulation! You are one of the seven winners in a sweepstake for a winter getaway!

This year we randomly choose 7 teens and young adults around this country and organize a 4-days winter getaway for these 7 lucky individuals. You are one of them! We assure you that this event will be an unforgettable getaway in your life. You will have so much fun, new experience and will learn so much.

You might ask why we are doing this and give away this kind of stuff. The truth is we are sponsored by Mr. Kabyap. He has already retired and he had won several state-championships 20 years ago. He wanted to promote skiing and outdoor winter activities This is the first time that he sponsored this kind of event. And EGNever winter resort is proud to be the resort being chosen by Mr. Kabyap to hold this event.

You might feel insecure about this sudden invitation. Don’t worry, we understand. It sounds like a scam. But in order to make sure you feel welcome and secure, we allow you to bring allow one companion. But please reply us no later than 12/13, Friday. We need to make necessary arrangement. And on top of this, enclosed is a check read for you to cash. It’s for you and your companion for transportation. Yes, can’t you believe it? We also provide the money for you to get here! Thanks to the generosity of Mr. Kabyap!

We will give you more info after we hear from you. Again, this is an opportunity that no one wants to miss. You don’t have to pay anything, all you need to do is to pack your stuff, then come and enjoy! If we don’t hear you by 12/13, then we will take your name out.

In mean time, any questions, feel free to e-mail us. By the way, we are located near mountain Konaki, 15 miles west of Shikoku. And EGN stands for Enjoy, getaway, now! So give us a reply today!

EGNever winter resort (on behalf of Mr. Kabyap.)

p.s. Enclosed is some info about our resort and mountain Konaki.


“Wow…” Bulma exclaimed as she read thru the invitation and the information again and again. “Really nice, even though it sounds like a scam. But… the info seems to be reliable. Hmmm… got to let Vegeta know and see what he thinks… he’s the companion that I would bring along.”

Osaka. 8:25 pm.
The platform of the Osaka subway station is so dirty and misty. Deep inside the dark, gloomy tunnel –a train is approaching.

“Finally… it starts. The stage is all set.”
“Finally, the light at the end of the tunnel is here....”
“But who knows whether the light of the end of the tunnel is an oncoming train?”
“Even if it is so… then so what?”

Finally, the train stops at the station and the doors opened. A chilly breeze slowly finds its way and wander around the station.


12/6, Friday

“Can’t believe you win this! WOW!” Amy, one of Bulma’s best friends in school screamed.

“But… I am a little concern about the security stuff… it sounds like a scam or something like that…” Bulma said.

“Don’t worry. I have friends living in the Shikoku area and I know that it’s a very nice and safe city. I’ve never heard of the EGNever winter resort, but you can go check out over the internet or something and find out more about that hotel. Plus, you got to bring one guest right? I would lie if I say I don’t want to go with you, but… my parents already got plans for me in Christmas.” Amy sighs sadly.

“I really want to go to Mt. Konaki… but anyway, you can bring a guy to protect you, right? Arrggghh, what’s your ‘guardian’ name? Vegetabe or something?”

“He’s Vegeta”, Bulma shot back at Amy.

“I’m just kidding…”

“And he’s not my guardian… we’re good friends. He’s like a big brother to me…” Bulma never told Amy about her true feelings towards Vegeta, even though there’s almost nothing that Amy and Bulma won’t talk about.

“Anyway,”, Bulma concludes, “I will do some research about this hotel and see if this invitation is reliable. And you are right that I will try to get Vegeta to go with me. He’s strong and he can protect me”. Bulma smiles brightly.

A few hours late…

“Wow, so fast. Vegeta…”, as Bulma checked her e-mail, Vegeta already gave her a reply.

“Sure I will love to have a getaway with you. School and work are busy as hell here… but I look forward to spend time with you! The invitation is a great thing!!! How did you win that? That way we don’t need to have headache to plan to go somewhere! I know Mt. Konaki. It’s beautiful! Just reply to Mr. Kabyap and the resort and see what info they send you. I don’t think there’s much risk… We can just leave if anything unusual happen over there… … …”

As Bulma read thru Vegeta’s reply, a warm feeling rush thru her body. The thought of being with Vegeta in a winter resort near Mt. Konaki is too good to dream of.

Bulma walked back home as rays of sunlight graced her face. Even though it’s cold and brisk outside, the sun shine brightly upon her face. Right now, nothing can’t flush away her warm feelings and sweet dreams.


So what do you think so far in this story? I hope the plot and the cliffs sound interesting enough to keep you reading
.By the way, new characters appear in this chapter are:

Amy (From Sailormoon) - most probably she’ll be gone after this chappy.

Allen Schezar (From Escaflowne) – detective.

Vega (From Street fighter – the handsome masked Spanish fighter) – detective

Mr. Kabyap (Makeup character) – Well-known mountain skier.

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