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Threads: Fate's Tapestry

Come fly away,
Because of every hope you have is there.
Touching the tempest,
Through hail or blight worn.
Staring blindly out at that,
Which could not be named before.
Even these jagged ruins,
Carved around my beating heart,
Can bear nothing more than ache.
Through a soul, broken by cold affront.
Yet, still be waiting,
At the end of the long battle made.
Hoping your safe,
From all harms the world can do.
Standing in the shadows,
I cannot turn away from your gaze.
It's killing me in a way,
I could not even understand,
You're not seeing me for who I am.
Even in the haunting brilliance of combat.
Colder days arrived,
Drowning my mind in terrors of waking.
I am ensnared by nightmares,
An endless cycle of hatred because.
No one will listen,
Except you in the darkest moment of night.
Shedding blood on ruined beaches,
Or misty mountain tops afar,
Your memory keeping me alive.
A voice crying out from the wilderness.
Skies aren't clearing,
Even know the war is defeated.
I passed that,
Point of no return now because of my love.
Trembling at the thought,
That death might take you away.
Vast distances came between us,
Walking through fire ablaze,
Stop playing with me or be burned.
By the inferno's of man-made hell.
As the last soldiers come,
Back from the front, I want to see.
A smiling face haloed,
By the sun and moon adored together.
We both have fallen into that stygian trap,
From that spiral we return alive.
It was you in that darkest hour,
When I fell down to my knees,
Tugging me back to the light above.
Promising to catch the fallen forever.
Waters like the rain,
Falling down with tears flowing.
Breathing in cold air,
I owe you my life, so I despair.
Desperately hoping,
Someday you will need me too.
Ice and frost are all I find,
As time leaves me behind in choking dust,
Promise me; let me watch you back.
Poised to answer the call to arms.
Even the fighting,
Has stopped and left the world silent.
Heaven has come,
A hand closing around my own.
Pulling me closer,
To warmth of passion I thought I'd lost.
Finally I have what life has denied,
This feeling I dreamed of now returned,
I won't ever let go again of this peace.
Finally claimed in times less dangerous.
With metal wings,
We have soared, paired in the heat.
Flight for once,
Brought no distraction, but its dreams.
Horizons settled easily,
Tomorrow will still be waiting.
Even after this trial was past,
Future held ever in destiny's grip,
The threads of fate would weave.
With tapestries of hope believed.