Voltes V Fan Fiction ❯ Voltes V (The Godaikin Wars) ❯ Rituals from long ago ( Chapter 5 )

[ X - Adult: No readers under 18. Contains Graphic Adult Themes/Extreme violence. ]

Keith started the rituals
"Insert Keys! Turbo thrusters are go!"
Then, in unison, the Voltron Force shouts: "Let's Form Voltron!"
(Voltron theme: Ta-tat-tadah, tat-tadah…Ta-tat-tadah, tat-tadah…)
Flashy Laser lights came shining as if from nowhere as the Voltron Lions readies in position.
"Form feet and legs..." (Yellow and Blue lions form feet and legs)
"Form arms and Torso..." (Red, green and black lions connected)
"And I'll form, the Head!"
In the night's sky a huge, magnificent looking armored knight flies with utter immortality, Voltron makes a ceremonial Lion roar from his hands and feet.
“Voltron: Defender of the Universe!"
Flashy laser lights display slowly fades, leaving a powerful giant robot standing in utter defiance!
Little Jon was astounded by the knightly figure before him.
"Steve, you see that?
Those Beast Fighters formed…Yet another beast fighter!"
Mark smirked at the Defender of the Universe,
"Is that Voltron? Ho-ho he doesn't even have fingers to pick on his own booger!"
Big Bert looked to his monitor at Steve,
“What do we do now, Big Brother?"
Inside her Volt Lander, Jamie also looked at Steve,
Steve closed his eyes momentarily, then, "We'll do a systematic attack!"
The Volt Machines flew in different directions yet they were linked in a planned attack.
Inside the mighty Voltron, Keith felt disgusted at the Volt Machines' impudence.
“Those kids don't even shook up seeing Voltron?” Lance commented over his com-link.
"Do these guys ever give up; this is Voltron I'm talking about!"
Then, Keith decides to draw first blood.
"Spinning laser blades!"
Voltron released the Spinning laser blades and it almost hit the Volt Bomber Two.
"Electro Force Cross!"
A glowing cross comes out of Voltron's chest and successfully finds its mark; the powerful energy cross hits the Volt Panzer Three and suddenly, the controls of the Volt Machine became stuck!
Big Bert felt distressed, the energy bolt that hit his ship seems too alien even to his experiences.
"Steve, some shutting device hits the Volt Panzer Three!"
Steve immediately responded.
"Wait, I'm on my way…"
To counter the enemy, Steve released...
"Claw Boomerang!"
Volt Crewzer `s claw boomerang hits Voltron on his face.
It does not damage Voltron, but it sure confuses Keith for the moment.
This gave Steve enough time to respond to Big Bert's call.
Jamie backed the Volt Crewzer One with her Volt Lander's...
"Lander Star blades!"
Like Shuriken blades, the Volt Lander star blades hits Voltron on the shoulders with sparks of flying metal. Voltron countered with…
"Voltron Eye beam!"
The Volt Lander Five immediately cleared itself from the eye beams path.
The Beam hit a patch of the flagship Explorer, sending men and machines flying in oblivion.
Back at Camp Big Falcon, Dr. Hook called Steve in the com-link.
Steve looked at his monitor attentively.
"Dr. Hook!"
"We analyzed that cross beam, some kind of EMP laser and it's paralyzing the Volt Panzer's engines…” Dr. Hook paused for a moment, analyzing the Volt Panzer Three's situations. “Little Jon can fix that... Then when repaired, use the "Spin Fly" technique I taught you!"
Steve nodded back.
"Yes, Dr. Hook!"
The Volt Bomber Three and the Volt Lander Five continues to pounce on Voltron while the Volt Crewzer One and now, with the Volt Frigate Four mends the troubled Volt Panzer Three.
Steve switched his frequency at the Volt Frigate Four.
"How Much time do we have, Little John?"
Little Jon nods at Steve with reassurance.
"It's almost done, Big Brother, the Volt Panzer's mobilizing unit is simply jarred, and in second, the auto-re haul will compensate for the entire system!"
Steve looked around and sees what the Volt Bomber Two and Volt Lander Five's been doing.
Then, he turns back to Little Jon.
"Whatever that means, we have to be airborne soon enough to help Mark and Jamie."
Electronic cross hairs suddenly spark up the Volt Panzer Three's mechanical viscera; an indication that the Volt Machine is ready and as good as new.
"Thanks, Little Jon!" Big Bert made a salute.
Little Jon replied "Any time!"
Steve felt relieve to know the Volt Panzer is as good as new when suddenly a small alarm from his monitor made him look at the in coming call...It was Mark.
“Steve' you better be moving before Mr. Voltron gets a bit wiser!"
Little Jon boards his Volt Frigate Four and joins in the battle, while then Volt Crewzer One and Volt Panzer Three launched themselves VTOL and joined in the fighting.
Dr. Hook once again, called Steve and the Voltes Team.
"O.K. Voltes Team, use the Spin Fly technique!"
Steve smiled in determination and affirmed.
"Roger, Dr. Hook…O.K. team let's get into position!"
Meanwhile, Voltron is about to use his Electro Sabers when he noticed the Volt Machines re-positions themselves.
This some how puzzled Keith, but it's hard for him to admit that it attracted his concerns.
"Team, they're trying something!"
Lance replied nonchalantly in his radio.
"Maybe they're summoning their defender!"
Hunk smiled secretly, he would like to test this so-called "Earth Defender," if it's just one of those "Ro-beasts" that Voltron can polish off.
”And that's what I'm just waiting for!"
Mean while, Princess Allura felt something dreadful to follow in the enemy's positioning
"Keith, I suggest extreme caution!"