Voltes V Fan Fiction ❯ Voltes V (The Godaikin Wars) ❯ The Clash of Metal Titans ( Chapter 4 )

[ X - Adult: No readers under 18. Contains Graphic Adult Themes/Extreme violence. ]

Like raging, electrically charged bowling balls racing to hit a row of Lion pins, the Volt Machines arrowed through the waiting Voltron Lions with incredible speed.
There was no hint of dodging, evading or backing out; it was the Voltron Force's judgement to scatter in different directions a split second before collision.
Hoping for these arrogant machines to smash at a ruined shopping mall just behind the Voltron Force a moment ago, Keith was surprised to see the Volt Machines skillfully avoiding the shopping mall and resume their pursuit mode.
Only their monstrous sonic booms seared the poor derelict, blasting every glass panel left standing.
Flying in V - Formation, Steve delivers his stern warning:
“You, alien commander, this is a warning to leave the people of Earth in peace!
Take your ships, beast fighters and hardware before we apply defensive actions!"
The Voltron Force heard the warning before they re-group themselves.
Oddly, the warning voice sounds like it came from a teenager.
“And that supposed should make us shiver, right?” Keith replied with sarcasm. “Why don't you kids, surrender those "things" to the Galaxy Alliance!"
“Maybe they do not know who we are Keith, were' the Voltron Force!"
Pidge announced with pride... "Voltron - Defender of the Universe!"
The Volt Machines continue to circle the Voltron Lions.
“Defender..?" Little Jon sneered, “You looked just like another group of Beast fighters to me!"
The remark made Hunk recoil. “Beast Fighters…they've mistaken us for Ro-beasts!"
"Don't let those brutish defenders get the best of us; they should be educated along with their people!"
Princess Allura haughtily said.
"That's giving to them, Princess!" Lance replied.
Meanwhile, in their Volt Machines'…
“Hear that Steve?" Little Jon said with a tone of insult, “They got a princess with them. And bye the way she talks, she sound really of royal blood!"
Jamie stayed quiet, like some silent samurai, studying the outer shell of her adversary.
“Yeah," Mark replied, "Like Prince Zardoz! So tell us your highness, Can't your empire grow so rich and fat, that you need to snatch our world so you can brag it to your group of inter-galactic socialites?"
Princess Allura was taken a back by the remark.
It felt sarcastic at the same time, like hot knife on skin.
“Keith, they're hurting me…"
The Voltron Black Lion gave a great roar of disapproval.
But its malevolent display does nothing to the guarding Volt Machines!
“I suggest you to go back where ever crack you came from." Steve replied in a heavier tone,
“Stop roaring and start leaving!"
The Black Lion replied by lunging at the ever vigilant Volt Crewzer.
Instinctively, Steve evades the attack by going on full throttle!
The other Voltron Lions followed the Voltron Black Lion; each trying to catch a Volt Machine.
“O.K. Team, let's play cat and mouse with these wet nose punks!"
"Voltron Force: Let's go Voltron Force!"
Although scattered, the Volt Machines are still in reasonable command:
"Team, try to confuse the enemy by using maximum orbital velocity!" Steve orders.
“O.K. Steve," Big Bert affirms,” flight directions at random!"
The Volt Machines proves to be too swift and agile for the Voltron Lions.
Powerful laser beams and projectiles aimed at a Volt Machine ends up hitting Galaxy Alliance fighters.
A Voltron Lion released heat seeking missiles, but was checked by the Volt Lander Five Chemical Thrower.
" We played with them long enough, Team." Steve said,"Let's get serious!"
"Crewzer Missiles!"
"Sky Rockets!"
The Volt Crewzer One launched several lethal missiles at the group of Voltron Lions.
The missiles hit a mark: The Voltron Black Lion was thrown from the shock waves.
It slammed at the rows of abandoned buildings.
“Bomber Rings!" The Volt Bomber Two release depth charge- like devices that rocks several Voltron Lions from the explosions.
“Freezer/Heat Rays!" The Volt Frigate Four releases the combination freeze and heat beam at the Voltron Blue Lion.
Mercifully, Princess Allura was able to dodge the deadly beam, but its shock wave sends the Voltron Lion hurtling towards a ruined airport terminal.
“Panzer Missiles!" The powerful Volt Panzer Three missile is smaller than a Polaris ICBM, but it hits Voltron Yellow Lion's position and sends a shock wave so tremendous, it pulverized an entire building.
Hunk was not intimidated by the show and let his Voltron Yellow Lion charge at the crab like Volt Panzer Three.
To his surprise, the Voltron Yellow Lion was caught by the Volt Panzer Three's claw arms.
Its massive shovels clutches the Voltron Lion and then throwing it like it was discarded toy, slamming at the approaching Voltron Green Lion.
“Lander drills!" Spinning, drill like missiles ejects from the Volt Lander.
These hit the pavement, and then auto drilled under the concrete, where Red and Black Lion recuperate.
'Where did it go?" Lance was looking around in the confusion, he was about to push for the scanners when suddenly, Like a giant locomotive, the Lander drills jets out of the pavement and hit the two Voltron Lions at the belly, followed by a deafening explosion like the scream of a fallen angel.
Rattled but unhurt, Keith decides it's Voltron Time!
"This has gone far enough! Team," Keith said punctually,
“Let's form Voltron!"
Battered but not beaten, the Lions re-assemble themselves in a ritual from days of long ago!
Mark looked at Steve in the monitor,
“Steve, look!"
“They're forming something!" Little Jon said.
Steve studied the new situation, “Just be ready team, don't under estimate the enemy!"
As the Voltron Lions prepare to assemble, the Volt Machines continues their vigilance and battle readiness; their weapons are all poised to strike!