Voltes V Fan Fiction ❯ Voltes V (The Godaikin Wars) ❯ Let's Volt In! ( Chapter 7 )

[ X - Adult: No readers under 18. Contains Graphic Adult Themes/Extreme violence. ]

In his cockpit, Steve activated the voice-transmitting device built-in his consoles.
“Let's Volt-Together…!”
The Voltes Team shouts in unison,
Following this, heavy dark clouds released powerful, deadly lightning bolts that strike each Volt Machines as they start the process of “Volting- In…”
(The Voltes V song)
"Tatoe arashi ga hukou tomo Tatoe oonami areru tomo
(Volt Crewzer One bends, forms the head of Voltes V)
Kogidasou tatakai no umi he Tobikomou tatakai no uzu he
(Volt Bomber Two retracts, forms the shoulders and arms of Voltes V)
Mitsumeau hitomi to hitomi Nukumori wo shinjiau Go nin no nakama
(Volt Panzer Three pivots caterpillars' threads, forms the torso of Voltes V)
BORUTESU FAIBU ni subete wo kakete Yaruzo chikara no tsukiru made
Chikyuu no yoake ha
(Volt Frigate Four fold wings, forms the waist and legs of Voltes V)
mou chikai.
Tatoe ikazuchi hurou tomo Tatoe daichi ga yureru tomo
(Volt Lander Five divides its cockpit, flips its tops, forms the feet of Voltes V)
Tobidasou tatakai no sora he Mamorou yo tatakai no niwa wo
(Ominously, Voltes V raises itself while in flight)
Nigiri au tagai no te to te Magokoro wo shinjiau Go nin no nakama...
A fierce-looking, metallic dark blue super robot stands and screamed,
"Vooollll-teeesss- Faiiii-Bah!!!"
Then, it moved; executing an obligatory ceremonial punch that sends electrical sparks skittering on the surface of its armors.
Like a legendary colossal samurai warrior, shining in metallic blue, fiery red and gleaming chrome, the Super Ultra Electro Magnetic Machine Voltes V stands face to face before Voltron, Defender of the Universe!
It was a sight to be hold: Two towering metal titans, stands facing each other studying his enemy.
At one side, the mighty Voltron, Defender of the Universe, shines like a colossal knight.
At the other end, Voltes V; a pillar of strength and energy, champion of planet Earth stand like a valiant oriental warrior! The Voltron Force could hardly believe the majestic guardian before them.
Hunk voiced out his comments,
"Would you look at the size of that thing?"
Keith smirked as a reply,
"Don't worry team, the bigger they are, the harder they fall!"
Lance backed him up.
"That's right Keith, were the good guys!"
Pidge also replied, "Yeah and that bully better watch out coz he's looking at Voltron: Defender of the Universe!"
Mean while, the Voltes Team steadies in battle readiness…
"We're now on equal grounds Voltron…"
Steve proudly announced.
"Like we said, take your stuff and leave!"
Little Jon studied Voltron's features,
"They don't seem to understand, Steve…"
"They're bloodthirsty invaders...” Big Bert snarled,
"Like the Boazanians!"
Mark replied on his com-link,
"C'mon, let's show these bozos the power of Voltes!"
Jamie too replies, "We're with you, Steve!"
Suddenly, Voltron launched himself into the air, and then released one of his powerful weapons…
A powerful X-beam shoots out from Voltron…
On time; Voltes V evades this by immediately leaping, then landing on a cleared area.
The X-beam hits a nearby hill, chopping it into 4 pieces, and then forms a tornado that sweeps the hill away.
Little Jon was surprised,
" Steve, did you see that?!"
"Those aliens are gonna turn us into “Chop Suey!” "And they're gonna try it again!"
Big Bert said in fury.
Steve reassures his team,
"Not if I can help it!"
"Ultra Electro Magnetic Beam!!!"
Once again, Voltron released another X-Beam when a great orange beam comes out of Voltes V's beam button and intercepts the X-beam.
The result is a great explosion that its shock wave turned the two steel warriors tumbling down the ground with great force!
Pidge turned to see how that affected the princess,
"P-Princess, Princess, are you alright?"
Princess Alura replied, "I-I think so…"
Just like Little Jon, Hunk was surprised,
"T-they've blocked our Starfire beam!"
Lance voiced out his concerns,
"We better even the score, Keith!"
Keith smiled "…And I know just the thing…"
"Blazing Blasters!!!"
Suddenly, five powerful guns appear around Voltron's torso and shoots powerful projectiles at Voltes V!
But like an experience fighter, the giant Godaikin, Voltes V skill fully dodged every projectile by flying low and in zigzags….