Voltes V Fan Fiction ❯ Voltes V (The Godaikin Wars) ❯ The Time /Space Warp attack ( Chapter 81 )

[ X - Adult: No readers under 18. Contains Graphic Adult Themes/Extreme violence. ]

The Time /Space warp attack
Inside the Vavilos, the space police Shaider prepares the Stryker for an all out assault; the Voltron Vehicle squadron is a far much formidable opponent to deal with, and any miscalculation would prove fatal.
“Stryker Go!”
From the upper deck of the Vavilos, a cylindrical shaped opening begins to pull up and from this, the sleek space machine Stryker jets out, it's weapons bearing at the looming image of the colossal Voltron Vehicle Robot.
Inside the Command Jet Explorer #1, Jeff scoffs at the tiny enemy attack fighter heading towards him and his team.
:”Don't tell me is that the only thing going for the attack!” He snarled with revision, feeling insulted. “It's not even a worthy enemy, much less a match for Voltron: Defender of the Universe!”
In his cockpit, Cric studies the oncoming Stryker; there is something odd about the tiny fighter...In fact, it was so odd that he flipped several communication units.
“I suggest we best be on guard, Jeff...” He suggested to the Voltron Force Leader. “That tiny fighter had powers beyond any logic we've learned to take for granted!”
Inside his Recon Copter # 4, Chip tried to study the structure of the on coming alien fighter. He activated the scanners and tries to study the graphical blue prints from the scanning computers. He felt his head throb; thinking of the imminent dangers Cric had been telling his com-link but finding none.
“I can't find any special device or bomb inside that enemy ship, gang...” He declares more with frustration than providing information. “Nothing that Voltron can't handle; powerful laser spitters, missile launchers and some strange bluish energy source of something.”
Inside his ship, the Space Prober #8 Tagor, one of the usually silent members of the Voltron Vehicle Team replies at Chip. “Chip, that bluish energy source...I think that counts a lot!”
“And we're not going to wait and see what nasty thing it'll do!” Jeff rudely snapped back. “I say let's give em' the Spinning Laser Blades!”
Outside, the giant Voltron Vehicle suddenly moves and charges at the speeding Stryker; the rotor blade from the two copter-like vehicles that forms Voltron's shoulders begins to twirl...Both blades spins into bright twirling laser blades, ready to detach and sear the body of the oncoming Stryker.
Inside the Striker, Shaider activated his vehicle's auto pilot console and with the push of an auxiliary lever, opened the Stryker's cockpit. The vacuum of deep space entered the cockpit but it did nothing for the armored space police.
Another lever moved and Shaider briskly catapulted into the void of space, where he executed his next move.
“Time/Space warp!”
Inside the giant robot Voltron, the Voltron Vehicle team suddenly felt nauseated; everything seems to move in a way like being on a small boat on a rocking ocean.
“S-Something's happening team...” Ginger nervously announced. “Everything's turning around...I can't move!”
“T-that Shaider...” Cliff, leader of the Voltron Land team struggles to analyze the situation, “He could have released some diabolical spell on us...”
Half closing his eyes, Jeff tried to push on other levels to override the powerful energy force that seems to drag Voltron in some unseen maw. “Th-the devil's work!”
Outside, the giant Voltron Armored Squadron was suck into some inter-dimensional hole as Shaider floats around in space.
The armored fighter looks at the giant Godaikin Vavilos nearby and gestured at it;
“Time to fight...Go Vavilos!”