Voltes V Fan Fiction ❯ Voltes V (The Godaikin Wars) ❯ The Armored Squadron found it's prey ( Chapter 80 )

[ X - Adult: No readers under 18. Contains Graphic Adult Themes/Extreme violence. ]

Out in space, the mighty Godaikin Vavilos floats into deep space, setting its course towards the Inter Galactic Police Corps Station.
Shaider the Space Police checked all of his ship's navigational units and energy rate controllers.
“I'll tell all of the Galaxy Alliance's anomalies to the Space Police Corps...” Shaider told himself...”The Corps knew what to do next...”
Suddenly, the Vavilos receives a powerful fiery blast that send shockwaves through the interior of the great Godaikin machine.
“What the devil...” Shaider exclaimed as he hurried down the Vavilos' main engineering bay.
Great mayhem of blasted machineries and reactors greeted Shaider as the smoke of burnt electronic materials settles down.
Shaider was shocked to the point of despair; no ordinary missile or projectile could have done such a mess...it may have come from something special...
Another volley of laser shots rocked the Vavilos and Shaider cursed under his breath as he checked the on coming dangers that vigorously launch their offensives. The visi-screen reveals several abnormally shaped space fighters that combine in fives and disengage in alternate successions.
Shaider shuts down all auxiliary power source and energy vaults that support the blue plasma that fuelled the Vavilos. Frantically, Shaider deactivated all particle links and transducers with the air of a man inside a sinking ship.
Suddenly, the alarm blares off; and the cocky yet authoritative voice of Jeff Dukane, leader of the Voltron Air Team and the all out leader of the Voltron Vehicle Force;
“Shaider of the Vavilos, you're under arrest for the murder of Commander Garth...You have 20 seconds to comply or we will be force to shot you down!”
Hurriedly, Shaider manned his consoles and replied.
“The death of a hundred thousand military personnel from the Earth International Defense Force in the hands of the Voltron Lion Force, why don't you try to answer that first?”
Inside his cockpit, Jeff snarled at the image of the Vavilos , he realized no mere shock and awe could shake-off it's armored rider. “That armored runt thinks he's so tough,” he told himself. “I'm gonna blow that unholy white and blue space robot of his into a floating junk pile!”
Suddenly, one of his monitors displayed the image of Cric, leader of the Voltron Sea Team.
“I advise extreme caution, Jeff...” He warned the Voltron Leader, “The alien star ship is full of surprises, even I could not easily comprehend...”
“Cric's rigthy...: Cliff, leader of the Voltron Land Team buts in. “Let's wait for the alliance to scan that mighty bugger; mate... b'fore we deal with it!”
Jeff closed his eyes and shook his head in frustration.
“B-but we're so close...so close to swat that murdering Jap!”
His hands gripped hard at the firing lever.
“Team, if we let him slip, we may never have another chance to destroy him and give justice to Commander Garth.”
Before any of the Voltron Armored Squadron could react to Jeff's words, Jeff activated his com-link and screamed hard at Shaider and the Vavilos.
“I don't give a damn about those Japs who died fighting against the Voltron Lion Force...they deserve to die...those ugly, filthy yellow bellied Japs...What's important, are those men who died serving the Galaxy Alliance, Planet Arus and Planet Pollux, they're the true heroes not you, not your Voltes Gooks. None of you yellow faced monkeys could trample the cause of the Galaxy Alliance!”
In his cockpit, Shaider was shocked by the barefaced insults he received from the Voltron leader. He now realized that Voltron and the Galaxy Alliance only meant to wage war and possibly destroy Planet Earth.
“You blithering bastard, you have no rights to insult those who died for the cause of justice and freedom...”
In his cockpit, Jeff snarled back at the unseen speaker; “Damn your cause, I challenge you to a fight, armored ugly ape of a Jap!”
After that, Jeff turns to his Voltron Team.
“I'm not gonna sit here and watch how he take off, Voltron Force...”
He pushed the powerful engines of his Command Jet and...
“Let's Form Voltron!”
The two giant SUV-like machines were the first to form, then the legs and the cigar-shaped machines for the thighs, then the huge box-like vehicles that forms the waist and torso.
“Form feet and Leg's, form arms and body...”
The last to integrate was Jeff's Command Jet explorer number one that forms the head of the colossal Voltron Vehicle Dairruger Machine.
“And I'll form ...the Head!”
This was followed by Ginger's Falcon VT Fighter number 5 for finishing touches.
After this, the towering super robot Voltron Vehicle force made an obligatory dance accompanied with displaced laser lights show.
“Go Voltron Force!”
Inside the Vavilos, the space police Shaider jumps from his console to the waiting Stryker Machine Fighter. The valiant space police start to flip up some control switches that activate all of the conveyance's powerful turbo rockets.
“Justice for those who'd died fighting against Voltron!” He utters to himself.