Voltes V Fan Fiction ❯ Voltes V (The Godaikin Wars) ❯ The Mega Massive Battle ( Chapter 79 )

[ X - Adult: No readers under 18. Contains Graphic Adult Themes/Extreme violence. ]

Thousands of armored personnel carriers begin to surround the Summit building ruins, clearing the area of remaining Galaxy Alliance Grunts.
Each mini-rockets spewed by their launchers exacts devastating results as the defending grunts flew-off in different directions after being blasted.
Soon, battalions of Earth defense marines came pouring out from the massive armored vehicles and starts to search for Commander Robinson.
“Commander Robinson, this is the Earth defense marines, we got you covered!”
From the rubbles, Commander Robinson comes out. There was a great elation of being relived, but the Ninja/Commander just clamed his emotions; he greeted his comrades with curt, nonchalant ness. Aside from the dirt and bruises on his face and uniform, the commander is unhurt.
“Gather your ranks men,” The commander orders the officer in charge, “we have to flush out some of the enemy soldiers off this area!”
Saying that, a large assembly of tanks, armored personnel carriers and rocket launching all-terrain units turned their sights at equally armed Galaxy Alliance grunts and hover tanks. The result was a grand futuristic mêlée that employs powerful lasers, rapid deploying projectile launchers and mighty infantry rounds that took tolls in both sides.
The fracas was noticed by the powerful armored titans, now locked in their sword duel.
“We got to help those Galaxy Alliance troops!” Hunk demanded. “They need our help now more than ever!”
“But first...” Lance buts in, “We need to break out of this sword-lock...any wrong move and were finished!”
Keith does not reply, he was sitting pensively behind his monitor, focused at the pressure pounced by Voltes V's Sword of Heaven against the Blazing Sword.
Sweat covering his head in bids...he pushed an auxiliary button trying to balance the demanding pressure coming from Voltron's enemy.
Inside Voltes V, Steve pushed his controls to the limits, exerting power on Voltes V's mighty arms as these pressed the Ten-Ku-Ken harder against Voltron's Blazing Sword.
Focused in his determination to cleave Voltron in half, Steve was not oblivious with the savage fighting happening just beneath the two behemoths.
“Steve, we got to help Commander Robinson and the Earth International Defense Forces!” Big Bert called out from his console.
Steve closed his eyes and shook his head. “But we can't move, were lock with the enemy sword, we must try to dislodge from Voltron's sword without giving the enemy the chance to strike!”
Big Bert was about to reply when suddenly, a great powerful something hit Voltes V's chest, sending the mechanized giant tumbling down, smashing against an abandoned business area, sending dust and shrapnel of concrete, pieces of furniture and parts of parked cars against the walls of neighboring abandoned structures.
The advancing Earth International Defense forces were shaken a bit at the moment they saw their champion slammed hard and sends a maelstrom of dust clouds and debris.
“Commander...” one of the marines immediately informed Commander Robinson. “Voltes V was knocked down by the enemy, what do we do?”
“Hold our ground men...”Commander Robinson immediately barked at the marines. “Voltes V maybe down but not out...Just continue to hold ground!”
Meanwhile, inside Voltes V, the Voltes Team felt like they were slammed hard by an industrial back hoe, the lights inside Voltes V flickers distressfully signifying emergency. Steve rights himself immediately into his console and punches several auxiliary switches, the monitors opened up to reveal Voltron slumping down the pavement in equal anguish.
Outside, Voltes V painfully stood up, the giant machine still clutching its mighty sword. The same is true with Voltron; as the mighty robot brushes some debris still clinging on its torso and shoulders.
“Nice trying the Electro-Cross Force on that big bully, Keith...” Pidge congratulates Keith. “Now let's...”
Pidge word never finished as Voltron turns to face Voltes V, Voltes V is already up in the air doing a somersault, then lands by driving a foot at Voltron's face!
The impact was so tremendous that it almost snapped Voltron's armored neck.
Voltron staggered back groggily, the Blazing Sword slipping from the grasp of his lion hands.
Meanwhile, Voltes V continues to press on with the attack.
One of Voltes V's hands retracted back inside its arm and in its place, a deadly looking rocket jets out. The rocket was attached to a thick metal chain that twirled itself around the neck of the still dazed Voltron.
“Oh Keith... “Princess Allura exclaimed. “They got us!”
Instinctively, Voltron tried to pull himself out of Voltes V's chain knuckle grip.
But before the Voltron Force knew it, Voltes V immediately released Voltron off the chain knuckle, throwing the giant machine tumbling down against a row of condominium buildings, sending a storm of broken glass and twisted iron debris at some barricading Galaxy Alliance grunts.
From his remote view screen, The Imjad watched the immense duel in great delight. The dark interior of his domain recalls the atmosphere of some dreary catacomb. Then, from the shadows, the image of Saint Aria approached him from behind.
“Great Imjad...” she bowed down, “your grand design will soon be put to place...”
The Imjad smiled a sinister grin, “Then we shall proceed in finding the other Godaikins and bringing them all to chaos...they must destroy each other in order for us to achieve our ends...”