W.I.T.C.H. Fan Fiction ❯ Animal antics ❯ Chapter 1 ( Chapter 1 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Chapter 1.
Disclaimer: I do not own Witch or any of the characters although sometimes I wish I did.
Authors note: one of my first fanfics, so don't complain about the spelling.
The girls circled above in carefully rehearsed formation. Will darted to the left and low to the ground flying backwards and getting the attention of their enemy. Cornelia summoned vines up from the ground which entangled his arms and Haylin and Irma came from behind and took out his knees with a powerful blast of air and water. Taranee came in from the side and fired at the vines subduing the enemy to the ground.
“Alright girls regroup.” Will said as they flew above the downed enemy. The body below lay face down and motionless, it's cape lying in the mud beside it.
Then there came a cackle as the figure rose slowly. “It will take more than that to defeat my magic.” It said calmly as the girls look on stunned. “Now you will all feel my wrath.” It said in its half strangled voice. “It lifted its cane and stood staring at the Guardians with its monstrous red eyes only just visible from under its hat.
Then before any of the guardians could react it shot a beam at the girls hovering above coming straight at Will. “Look out!” screamed Cornelia as she jumped to knock Will out of the way as Haylin did the same for the other two. There was a deafening crash as two figures fell to the ground.
“No!!!” screamed Haylin, Irma and Taranee in unison as they swooped down to catch there fallen comrades. Haylin caught Cornelia and Will fell into the arms of Taranee and Irma. They all landed on the ground with a rather large thud but mostly unharmed. They turned to their enemy but to the Guardians surprise nothing remained of him but a strange feathered hat. Taranee looked back to the two figures on the floor in front of them, and gave a small whimper as they lay motionless.
Will slowly opened her eyes to a very blurred sight and gave a slight murmur at the sudden realization of the pain she felt in her head.
“Hey! Will's waking up.” Came the familiar voice of Hay Lin and a scurry of feet. “How ya feeling.” She asked more soothingly.
Will's sight gradually came back and she could make out the faces of Haylin, Irma, Taranee, Caleb, Matt and Grandma Lin. She propped herself slowly up on her elbows and reached for her aching forehead. “W…what…happened.” She managed to murmur.
“Take it easy girl.” Pitched in Taranee. “During the fight you two were hit a piece of magic…” her voice trailed off as the memory of the battle hit home. But then it struck Will.
“You two?” she asked worried and looking around. There was silence as Will realized who in the party was missing. “Cornelia! Where's Cornelia?!” she asked worried and staring them all in the eye. Slowly the crowd parted to reveal the Other Guardian lying on a bed in the other corner of the Grandma Lin's Basement.
Will threw aside the bed covers and stumbled over to where her friend lay. But as she approached she halted, mouth wide open in shock. In front of her lay Cornelia but with one mayor addition. On her head were two, long, white, rabbit ears. Will gasped as the others came near.
“We figured it was the magic” said Caleb as he knelt by Cornelia's side.
“But I was…” Will began before she broke off. She turned around sharply and saw a mirror lying next to her bed. She grabbed it and stood staring quietly for a minute or two before she dropped the mirror and sank to her knees. She wiped the tears away with one hand as she felt with a slow shaky hand, the slender red feline ears upon her head.
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