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Chapter 9.
Authors Notes: THE FINAL CHAPTER!!! YAY!!! Thank you all for your support. I'm sorry if the last few chapters seemed a bit depressing but hopefully this one will be the redeemer.
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A solitary tear ran down Matt's cheek as he held the small kitten in his arms. A blanket was draped over his and he looked around to see who it was. Taranee's face greeted him as he came back to the reality of where he was and what had happened. The Silver Dragon's basement was cold and no one met each others eyes. Matt was knelt in the centre of the room holding Will in his arms. She let out a small meow and began to rub him, purring as she did so.
“She's beautiful.” Said Hay Lin trying to lighten the mood. Caleb holding the small rabbit sat next to her and gave her a look which said `that didn't help'. Irma stood up and placed Will and Cornelia's cloths on the floor. Matt suddenly erupted into tears as he held the small kitten close to him. He thought back to all the times that he had spent with her. The school dance, their first kiss, his first rip to meridian. And now she was gone. All that remained of her was this cat. Would she remember him, recognize him, would he be able to go on without her. A flood of tears and sobs came now and kept on going with no foreseeable end.
Caleb was fairing better but he too let out a few sobs as he held Cornelia in his arms. He stroked her white fur and her ears we're flat against her back. A solitary tear ran down his cheek a fell off onto Cornelia's fur and likewise a tear from Matt fell onto the fur of Will.
Some say love is the most is the most powerful form of magic, some say it can overthrow governments, and some say it can bring peace to the most warring nations.
The two animals jumped out of the arms of their lovers to the floor. A blinding light engulfed the room causing everyone to avert their gaze. The light began to fade as two glowing figures came into focus. Taranee ran quickly to grab two towels and threw them at the glowing figures. She had instantly realized what had happened. “Look away!” she said as the light began to fade. Everyone turned their heads for a few minutes before a hand fell upon Matt's shoulder. He looked round a saw Will standing before him. She was wrapped in a towel and her eyes filled with tears.
She tried to open her mouth but struggled. “Matt?” she finally managed to say. They stood looking into each others eyes for a moment before she pulled him close and embraced him. The both burst into a fit of tears as they stood there. Over the other side of the room Caleb was embraced with Cornelia, both girls absent of any ears, whiskers, or fur, much to everyone's relief. It must have been five minutes before Irma separated them.
“I'm sorry to break up the renunion.” She said receiving elated looks from both parties. “but I really think we should let Will and Cornelia get dressed.” Caleb and Matt looked back to their partners who we're still wrapped only in a towel, all four of them blushing. Will simply laughed and wiped a tear away from her eye.
“I thought I would never see you again,” Matt said fighting back a sob. Will simply let out a small meow as she pushed him away. The rest of the group walked up the stairs looking back at the two friends and thanking god for his kindness. Truly they we're lucky to have gone through this unhurt.
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