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Chapter 8.
Authors Notes: Hey Guys. Sorry to leave the last chapter on such a down note, but I must give a warning: this one ends just as depressingly. Oh and thank you to whoever emailed me this image of Will. I've put it on photobucket so you can all have a look:
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Anyway, on with the very depressing last few chapters!
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Will and Cornelia sat now on all fours in front of the thrown as instructed. Will's neck felt heavy as the collar that had materialized there once the rest of the group had left, reluctantly, was made of thick leather and had a thick chain to the wall as if the girls we're real pets. Cornelia wasn't fairing so well either as her whiskers kept twitching and her ears drooped. Will two felt depressed with similar signs as Cornelia showing off her mood?
Once they had agreed to terms, Silome had forced them to follow a few rules. Caleb, Matt, Taranee, Irma, and Hay Lin had to leave under protest but Silome gave them no choice with a powerful forcefield holding them away from Cornelia and Will. The two animal girls we're forced to sit on all fours unless instructed otherwise and had to do whatever Silome said. So far that had included helping him make a potion for a specific purpose the girls we're unaware of. As well as that, Will was only allowed to Meow unless something else happened and Cornelia was only allowed to squeak. It was truly demeaning and Silome knew it. They we're his pets and he was going to get every ounce of enjoyment out of them through as much cruelty as he could give.
A tear rolled down Wills cheek as she gave out a small Meow. Suddenly her ears perked up. There was a small noise from one of the caverns along the side of the huge room they were in. Cornelia heard it to as her ears perked up as well and both of them looked to see where it was coming from. Then from behind a rock came a familiar figure with which both girls had trouble containing there excitement. Will involuntarily let out a meow, which was quickly hushed by Cornelia.
Caleb approached on tiptoe and motioned for the girls to keep quiet. “There was a back passage, round the other side of the cliff.” He whispered as he examined the chains which bound the girls to the rock face behind them. He took out his sword he tried prying Cornelia's chain. It took a few minutes before finally, one of the chain links broke. He began on Will's but no sooner had he began than a familiar evil cackle rang out behind them.
Everyone snapped there heads round to face in the direction of the voice. Silome stood there by his chair looking thoroughly pleased with himself.
“Usually I don't get many visitors.” He said coldly. “Guess todays just my lucky day.” He walked closer to we're the three we're standing and motioned for Will and Cornelia to be on all fours. Naturally they did what they we're told but Caleb stood his ground. “I take it you've come to free your girlfriend?” he asked noticing the broken chain of Cornelia's.
“I'm taking them both and you cannot stop me.”
“I think you'll find I can,” he said as his hand suddenly lunged forward and grabbed Caleb's neck. He was lifted off the ground a full foot legs kicking trying desperately to be free. “You know… I think it's cruel to separate you two.” He said glancing from Caleb to Cornelia who looked thoroughly in shock.
“Maybe you should stay here. I think a lovely pair of white ears would suit you just f…” he stopped as a look of horror spread over his face. There was a horrible piercing sound as Caleb was dropped from Silome's grip. The Warlock fell to his knees, as he turned his head round. Behind him stood Matt holding the tip of a sword in Silome's back, as well as Irma, Hay Lin and Taranee behind him. Matt gave a quick jerk and removed the sword now tipped in red blood and watched as the reality of what he had just done swept over Silome.
“Well… if th… that is what's to finish me…” he began as he collapsed onto the floor, “then I suppose that I should punish you.” He gestured towards matt who held the sword ready in a fighting stance. “No child… I won't hurt you…” Matt raised an eyebrow, “The greatest punishment I can think of for you is…” He flicked his wrist and a blinding light engulfed Will and Cornelia.
“NOOO!” Matt screamed as he thrust the sword a final time into Silome's back but the damage had already been done. A small meow could be heard as the light cleared. The room now lay empty except for Matt, Caleb, Irma, Taranee, Hay Lin, Silome's body, and a small kitten and rabbit along with a pile of cloths we're the girls once stood.
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Authors Note: Sorry about the depressing ending again. Silome's dead Will and Cornelia are no longer human. It seems like there's no hope left. BTW sorry about the pile of clothes bit. It always confuses me about why whenever there's something like this on TV the cloths always disappear with them. Oh Well. Final Chapter will be up soon. Please R&R