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Chapter 7.
Authors Notes: here's Chapter 7. I really didn't think I was going to get this far. Thank you to everyone who has reviewed and I hope I can continue writing Fanfics for you. This Chapter ends on a bit of a sad note but there is a happy ending… I think.
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The Cavern that stood before the girls was vast. Shadows danced on the walls as flames in large holders cast them illuminating everything. The Group stood there in amazement. They had been exploring the cave for five minutes before they had stumbled upon this place but something wasn't quite right about it. A chill went down Wills spine and she meowed in response.
A maniacal laugh rang out, throughout the cavern causing everyone to jump. Caleb and Matt stood there ground in front of the girls as a figure exited from one of the many shadowed holes to reveal himself to the girls.
“You…” Cornelia began in utter disgust at the caped figure that stood before them.
“ah… My hat” he said and with a flick of the wrist, the saggy hat rose from Hay Lin's hands and drifted towards him. “Thank you for bringing it back but I have plenty already.” He said gesturing to the hat already over his head which continued to shadow his face. His blood red eyes we're all that could be seen.
“Now let me see.” He began in a cackling sought of voice. “There must be a reason you came up here to see little old me, at which I'm grateful by the way. I don't get many visitors. It's not to battle me as you have come in human form.” He haulted as a grin could be seen from under the shadow revealing dirty rotting teeth. “Unless that is you can't transform into guardians.” He said slowly drumming in every syllable. “And I bet you believe this to be my doing and you come seeking a way to…” He stopped as he caught sight of Will and Cornelia at the back. A stunned look was again replaced with a small smile. “Ahhhh… I see…” he began as he looked at the two girls hard.
“You've come seeking the undoing of my curse. Don't you?”
“Yes we have, you ugly troll!” Screamed Cornelia obviously not impressed with his demeanor.
“Now if I were in your position…” he started as he turned round. “I would speak a little nicer to me than that. After all I'm your only hope of breaking the curse and returning you to normal.” He stopped before turning round and adding, “Its Warlock by the way. Not Troll.”
“Please help them.” Hay Lin pleaded, as a tear formed in her eye.
“Well…” he began. “There really is no full cure but…” He stopped and looked at the two with that evil grin again. “As you are no doubt aware the transformation will continue until your two pets here are… how should we put it… not themselves anymore.” The words cut deep into the group. “However I can offer you something.”
“Anything. Just name it.” Will shouted trying to take control of the situation.
“I can hault the transformation as it is and you'll progress no further into animal or human kind.”
“What's the catch.” Screamed Cornelia hardly believing what she was doing.
“You stay here with me.”
There was an eerie silence as everyone looked at each other Matt and Will met each others gaze and saw tears forming in one another's eyes. Will looked away towards Cornelia and they both gave a silent nod to each other.
“We'll do it.” They said together looking at the ground.
“Excellent,” came the reply.