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Chapter 6.
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The Girls Wondered through the Forest, thoroughly depressed, and no doubt worried about what's to come. Will and Cornelia walked together looking rather worse for wares. In addition to ears, whiskers and tail, the two were now completely covered in fur. Will was a shimmering golden brown with stripes down her back, although not visible to her friends, and on her face. Cornelia, however, was covered in a beautiful, shimmer, white fur. Cornelia was truly disheartened however Caleb secretly kept looking over his shoulder at her. Although he knew that she was upset, fur was truly stunning. Even though she had the urge to hop ever now and then, she was beautiful and the fur made her shine more than her now complexion would let. At least in Caleb's' opinion anyway.
“We're almost there” Said Taranee from the front. Everyone stopped and looked up as the trees cleared infront of them. There, straight ahead on the horizon, lay the West Mountains. Wills ears perked up as she saw how close they we're. With them in there current state the crystal wouldn't let transform into Guardian form so, although it was a long walk, it was there, and Meridian's, only hope.
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“The coast is clear” came Caleb's voice as they approached a cave. They'd been wandering around the mountains for hours and the only thing that had changed was that Will had found a ball of straw which she was quite happy playing with, giving the occasional purr or meow as a sign of her content. Cornelia was amused at her friend's feline antics but didn't smile. Caleb had run ahead when they'd spotted the cave to see if it was safe and on hearing him report back they picked up there pace.
Everyone peered into the darkness of the cave from around a boulder. “Looks cozy,” Irma joked in her usual sarcastic way, receiving cold looks from the others.
The group entered slowly. Taranee entered last showing quite openly her reservations. “You sure it's safe?”
“Of course.” Replied Cornelia her ears pricking up. “What's the worst that could happen?”
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Authors Note: Sorry but I've always wanted to end of a chessy line like that.