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Chapter 5.
Authors Notes: All right, I'm continuing thanks to the review by Drager. It's nice to know that you're not talking to yourself. Here's Chapter 5. I have no idea how long this story is going to last but I'd probably just say that it'll take as long as it takes.
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Matt and Will arrived back at the silver dragon after a rather odd journey through the alleys of Heatherfield. Cornelia was sitting on a box by the wall, her whiskers twitching rather but unlike Will her nose was noticeable pinker. She looked at Will as she entered and, not overly surprised by Wills new facial features simply asked “How long is this going to last?”
“I don't know,” replied Will plainly, “but I can only think of one way of finding out.
“Your not thinking of going back to Meridian are you?” Caleb said bluntly. “Who knows what more could happen to you there”
“But if they don't go back we won't be able to stop this.” Taranee rebutted. “I say we go back to where that…Creature… attacked us and see if we can't get some answers.”
“Wait what about this,” Hay Lin said as she picked up a rather tatty looking hat.
The rest of the girls looked at it in rather a perplexed look before Cornelia finally said “EEW, Where did you get that.”
Before Hay Lin could answer will already knew what it was “That's the hat that Creature was wearing in the battle.”
“I got it when he disappeared. It was all that was left of him when you guys were hit.”
“Then I know what to do with it.” Caleb said as he took the hat. “Will I need a portal.”
“Right” she said as she lifted up the Heart. It worked thankfully and soon they were on there way to Meridian.
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The Mage looked at the hat with intrigue as the girls plus Caleb and Matt stood before them waiting for the verdict. She looked at the hat then to the two animal girls before her.
“Ahh yes. The Creature you seek is well known to me.” Said the Mage solemnly. “He is called Silone and is known for his mischievous spells and antics. He has fought many a battle before for seemingly no reason and always casts some mischievous spells on his enemies as a last resort.”
The girls looked at each other before Cornelia said, “Yes, Yes Very interesting, but is there anyway to stop what's happening to us.”
“I'm afraid I cannot offer you much hope. The spells he casts are usually homemade and uncommon. I have seen many in your plight but I'm afraid that none have escaped the inevitable outcome.”
Will gulped. “And what's the inevitable outcome?”
“I'm afraid, my dear, that you and your partner are destined to continue this until nothing of your human form remains. You are destined to live in animal form forever.”
Cornelia at that point collapsed onto the floor hands held to her face. She would have to live as a rabbit forever. That's not possible. Why her.
“But I do offer a solution.” The mage suddenly said after the reality of Cornelia and Will's plight sank in. “If you can defeat Silone before the transformation is complete, the process may be reversed.” That was all the encouragement the group needed The Mage said that he could be found living in the West Mountains and they we're off. Will only hoped that they could make it in time.