W.I.T.C.H. Fan Fiction ❯ Animal antics ❯ Chapter 4 ( Chapter 4 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Chapter 4.
Authors Notes: sorry for not having long chapters but I'm not brilliant at writing these. This should be a romantic bit but like I said, I'm a newbie to fanfic writing.
Will shuddered as a cold wind struck her. Matt had brought her a small bandanna which she had wrapped loosely around her Ears, and her tail had been tucked into her jeans. Matt had been a little embarrassed at this as her jeans we're fairly tightly wrapped and her tail had, like Cornelia caused them to slip down slightly, revealing a small portion of her pink underwear. Will rested her head on Matt's shoulder as he wrapped his arm around her. She still wasn't quite over this new development and Cornelia certainly wasn't but she tried to stay strong. Matt didn't care anymore. Actually he sought of like the new Will. He had gotten use to her feline antics and to him, she was a new, beautiful woman and the tail and ears, he had to admit, were rather cute.
All of a sudden a gust struck causing her to let out a small `meow'. She quickly covered her mouth as she realized what she had just done. Matt simply laughed as he directed her to the park bench. They sat down and she laid her head against him again.
“I'm sorry.” She said apologetically, “I'm still getting used to this whole cat business.” She stroked her hand on her ear in a very feline way before again she stopped.
Matt simply laughed in response. “I don't think we should be rushing to fix the problem just yet. I think the new you is…well…” his voice trailed off as he pulled will closer, “Cute.” He finished. Will didn't answer but instead smiled began purring as Matt stroked her hair. She eventually realized but didn't stop as she was enjoying her time with Matt.
“So you like the new me huh?” she said turning back to him and stroking his hair. Matt answered with a smile and will grinned back. Slowly she leant forward and closed her eyes. There lips met and Will felt a warm feeling though her.
They parted and looked into each others eye before Matt said “I'm definitely liking the new you. Maybe you should act like a cat more often. It suites you too well.” She retuned to leaning on him and purring as she too was enjoying that. It made her feel a little more romantic and at his mercy. She was his loyal pet, she thought, and she wished that they would be together forever, with or without cat features, it didn't matter now.
The stayed like that for a few minutes, receiving some odd looks from passers by but they didn't care. They we're young, in love, and although this was a change it wouldn't stop them from spending time together.
Will stopped purring and zoned out for a second. Matt noticed and was about to ask when all of a sudden, Will collapsed onto him in pain. She grabbed her stomach squirmed in agony. Matt didn't know what to do. She writhed in pain for a moment before finally stopping.
“Will? Are you OK?” Matt Began but she still faced away from him.
“We need to get back to the others now.” She said calmly still turned away from Matt.
“Why? What wrong?” Matt asked now deeply concerned. Will simply turned to him and he gasped. In addition to the tail and ears which we're out of sight, Will had gained on her face some long thin feline whiskers. Matt simply thought of how they we're gonna get back without anyone noticing. Something's could be hidden but he could tell that this was going to be a problem.
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