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[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Chapter 3.
Authors Notes: alright. This is where I start getting a little lost on my plot line. At the end of this Chapter I would like anyone who reads to tell me how they think it should continue. I don't care how but I'm running dry.
“Look at me!” screamed Cornelia as she paced around the room, “I'm a Playboy girl!” she added referring to her new found bunny ears and tail.
“You think you're having fun, I have to resist the urge to lick people.” Will say in reply. She now sat on a desk legs spread apart in a very feline pose and demonstrating the point by licking the back of her hand but quickly noticing her mistake when everyone began staring at her, so she withdrew her hand and blushed deeply.
“I think it's cute.” Piped in Haylin beaming from ear to ear. She obviously, as an animal lover found the whole thing rather amusing. She was met with hard stares from the rest of the group.
“Now Haylin. This is an urgent matter.” Piped in Grandma Lin, “Dark Magic is indeed strong and who knows what else it could do. We must find a way to reverse this before the effects grow, or worse become permanent.”
“Permanent!” Both Will and Cornelia Exclaimed in Unison. “You mean I'm gonna have to live my life looking like something off page 4!!!”
“What's pa…” began Caleb before he too was met with cold stares from the group. Clearly this was not going well.
“Well I say we go back to Meridian and kick the butt of the creep that did this too you.”
“Not a wise move.” Caleb said calmly. “Meridian is a huge place and magic hard to come by. It could take days of searching before we even get close and then there's no telling what state they'll be in. And who's to say it won't happen to you other girls. I say we head to the castle and…” Again his voice trailed off as the door at the top of the stairs flew open. There in the light stood Blunk and Matt, panting.
“Matt!!!” Will Exclaimed as she looked round to see who it was.
“Will!!! I came as soon as Blunk told me.” He replied as he ran down the stairs. “Are you allright?”
“Yer' I'm fine.” she said as she and him exchanged a long hug at which time man examined her twitching tail and ears. They pulled back from each other to meet each others eyes
“My god what has happened to you.” He said as he looked her up and down.
“We don't know,” chimed in Taranee. “Actually that's what we were discussing before you arrived.”
“Well I'm just glad your all right.” he said hugging her more.
“ALLRIGHT!!!” Cornelia almost screamed. “Look at us, we look like experiments…freaks…how is this all right…” she trailed off into another one of her `I'm going to find someone to blame' rants.
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