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“Professional Disagreements”
by Viridian5

RATING: PG-13; Crawford/Schuldig. If m/m interaction bothers you, pass this by.
SUMMARY: The more things change, the more they stay the same.
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NOTES: This is kind of a combination of Lauand and Indelicateink’s prompts for Indelicateink’s weekend flash challenge. Thanks to Rosaleendhu for the beta. This is my 500th completed fanfic!

“Professiona l Disagreements”
by Viridian5

As ever, Crawford appreciated how his partner’s telepathy let them discuss their options silently.  ~ Schuldig, how many are we dealing with and where? ~

~ Two down the hall behind us, two at the elevators on this floor, one at the stairwell also on this floor, two in the lobby. ~  Their client didn’t look happy to have Schuldig’s guiding and quelling hand on his arm but should just deal with it since it beat being murdered.  ~ I know the floor plan well, so I could come up behind the attackers and take them out. That way, we don’t need to do the hard-driving two-gunman plan you’re thinking of. ~

~ Considering how free range and disobedient our client can be, I really prefer to have the both of us on him and looking out for him. That’s the plan we’re going with. ~  He couldn’t let Schuldig start thinking that he could be easily overruled now.

~ If I’d known that sleeping with you would make you less likely to listen to me, I never would’ve done it. ~

~ This isn’t about that! ~ Crawford hadn’t even fully articulated that thought.

~ Isn’t it? If you thought the two of us fucking each other would make me less opinionated, you fail at foresight and should hand in your seer’s license. ~  At least he seemed more annoyed than deeply enraged.

~ I can’t let you think that giving me sex is going to make me ignore my best judgment on missions. ~

~ Noted. But you can’t listen to my views less because of it, because I will not put up with it. I no longer have to work with you if I’m feeling disrespected. ~

Shit.  ~ Noted. I’m not going to follow your lead in all things, but I promise that I’ll consider any points you make. ~

Their client whispered, very annoyed, “If you two are done staring intensely at each other, can we get moving?”

~ Or we could kill our client ourselves, then go out to dinner, ~ Schuldig said.

~ That’s a tempting plan. ~


***********************THE END**********************

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