What Dreams May Come Fan Fiction ❯ Alan Clive-Parker ❯ Chapter 1

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

“I think that abortion is a modern method of resolving any problems that a young woman may have encountered from a mistake or rape, or whatever.” I stopped, thought, and crossed it out no; it's not answering the question. I tried again “Some people believe that abortion is good, and other people believe that abortion is not very good. I then stopped, put my pen down, thinking hard, I started to stare at the wall in front of me as though expecting the wall to jump out and tell me the answer in the friendliest way possible. To my surprise, it didn't.
It was only the day before the hand-in date. I didn't even see the point in it anyway, because there is not much to do. I thought that no-one else would hand it in. I had my own believes, and ** would probably think that I am not being serious, I couldn't cope with the hassle if she was to show up my work in front of the class, “this is what not to do”, however, I also did not want her to do the opposite, show the work up in front of the class saying “this is exactly what I except”. The way to do it would be to do the work the same as the average person, but that is difficult to do. So after 10 minutes of thinking this over, about 10 seconds before the dinner's ready call, I had decided that I was going to not hand it in, “I forgot with all my other work” yes that's a good line, it'll work on the day.
* * *
Detention. I thought the line was a winner; it worked before, why not this time. “Once, fair enough, twice, not good enough” the words kept on ringing in my head. I was sat in ***'s office, my bag on the floor, between my legs. Waiting for *** to come back with my task. She was very busy teacher.