Witch Hunter Robin Fan Fiction ❯ In the life of prologue ❯ Christmas sucks! ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
In the life of-Chapter 1.

Sakaki's POV.
'Wow look at all this snow, I know what I'm doing this christmas' Sakaki chirped to himself.
'what the lifts out, Why me oh well it's my last day chill Sakaki old boy'

Normal POV.

Sakaki made his way up the stairs to the office which had been very boring and glum.(they should get a life it's christmas for heavens sake)
He came in and placed his coat on the hanger only to look up at a surprisingly happy band of hunters.
'Where's Amon?' Sakaki piped up
Robin turned to answer him 'He's on a job, I can't belive that it's christmas already' Robin beamed excitedly.
'Yeah me either' Sakaki answered.

The day progressed at a slow pace and everyone seemed a little low (Who could blame them they won't see eachother for atleast a week)
'So what are you up to on the holidays' said Micheal with a look of deep antisipation on his face.
'Well I was going to go and see my aunt for a few days I haven't seen her i......' Amon butted in to Sakaki's conversation
'I need to see you before you go'
'Oh ok, see ya Mike'
'See you Sakaki'

Amon lead sakaki into his office and sat on the desk with a seriouse look in his eyes.
'I hate to say this, but I need you to work here for the christmas holidays with Michael we need a hunter' Amon paused to see the look of anger rising in sakaki's face.

'And where will everybody else be whilst we'er here slaving away?'
'They'll be on their hoildays'
'If you expect me to stay here and work whilst everyone is off having fun you can forget it' Sakaki's voice had risen to a shout.
'Sakaki I'm sorry I needed someone and you've been slaking the most this season'
'Thats bullshit' said Sakaki as he went out the door.
'Sakaki if you go I'll have to fire you'
Sakaki just looked him in the eyes and mearly said 'Cram you half paid job up your ass'
After this Sakaki left the room leaving a look of sure horror on everyones face.


Later that night.

sakaki left his bike and headed off down the street. After about an hour of constant walking Sakaki stood still and began blowing on his frozen hands when he suddenly heard a guitar playing a slow sad ballard. He set off in the direction of the ballard.