Witch Hunter Robin Fan Fiction ❯ Silence is golden for some ❯ I can hear in my minds soul ( Chapter 1 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
Silence is golden for some. Chapter 1 - Hello stranger.

The factory had been destroyed and a new boss had made claims with the STN-J.
The first day back in the newly transformed STN-J was a strange and somewhat calming experience but Amon always had his doubts.

The new head honcho went by the name Mr Rickmen he was softer on the eyes and younger but still carried a few years in his mind. Mr Rickmen thourght it best for everyone to have a meeting in the mornings so they could talk about witches and how all the jobs were unfolding.
Amon soon became bored with this and within weeks he had chosen not to show up or to accidently be late.
One morning Amon decided he'd make a quick apperience just to be on the safe side.

'Now now settle down I have an urgent message that concerenes all of you' Mr Rickman had finaly calmed everyone down so he could spill the big news.
'As you know we are short on hunters at the moment so the main head quarters have sent someone I don't know who but they should be here within the next couple of minutes'

Everyone paused and stood up to leave. Once everyone had left Rickman fell back in his chair and sighed to himself 'It's just like being at home'

Meanwhile in the hall everyone (Including Michael) where making their way back to the offices when they were suddenly met by a women with her back to them. From what they could see she had soft ebony hair which was twisted all over her back.
Amon decided to ask her who she was.
'Hey you who are you?' A few minutes passed and she didn't even turn to face him.
'I'm talking to you how did you get in' Everyone was shocked at the manner this girl was showing towards the head hunter.

Amon reached out and tapped her on the shoulder only to be met by the barrel of a gun.
Amon was shocked and the women could tell, she withdrew her gun and tapped herself on the head in a dumb sort of action.
She then began to speak and use sign languge her mouth talked in a graceful tone and her cherry coated lips pressured each word.
'I'm sorry, I'm deaf, it's not that I chose to ignore you I just couldn't hear you' she sighed heavily.

Amon and the other hunters were stood there motionless when Rickmen turned up and began to sign talk to the women he seemed in a very happy mood that she was here.

'Whats he saying?' Sakaki muttered to Michael.
'How should I know I'm not a mind reader' He replied