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Witch Hunter Robin - Resolution of a Half-ling
Chapter 1 - The awakening
For as long as Amon could recall, his childhood did not consist of candies and toys. Adolescent was no joy either, so did the transaction into adulthood. Under the blessing of Father Juliano, he was trained to be a hunter. Tracking down witches was his sole purpose. To eliminate those who abuse their powers for the good of humanity. Many might admire his zeal. Only the most perceptive few knew that it was a double-edged sword to the stoic hunter. His mother was a witch. Her blood that held the deadly power was running through his veins. No doubt, the Orbo pendant, which he carried obsessively, acted as a second protection. Nevertheless, it did not mean that it could prevent the storm from brewing.
“Amon? Amon?” Gentle female hands fingered through the locks of his dark hair. “Are you alright?”
“Yes.” He responded quickly, taking the hands into his. “Sorry, Robin.”
“What were you thinking about?”
“Nothing.” Robin gave him the look. “It's nothing.”
“You have been staring in space lately.”
“Oh?” Amon tried to act surprised, thinking of an excuse as quickly as possible. “It came to me that two years have passed since we faked our deaths from STN-J and Solomon. I'm not sure how I managed to live as a normal civilian for this long.”
“Let's just say that we are adaptable.” Robin snuggled up to him, nestling in his lap. “Mr. Takeshi.” Her wet tongue licked his right earlobe, working its way up inside. Amon's cheeks tingled with a sudden gush of affection.
“What a happy mood you are in, Mrs. Takeshi,” he murmured weakly, automatically moving his hands to remove the robe that Robin was wearing. She moved back, making him feel disoriented at the sight of her nude body.
“I love you,” she whispered, cupping his face with her hands.
With that, she pressed him closer to her, kissing him with feverish passion. The heat disarmed him of all his senses and his body began to return her caresses, locking their tongues into honey sweetness. Progressively, his movements became aggressive. Grasping her wrists, he pushed her down, his whole body upon hers as he began the penetration. Its growing heat made him insanely bliss. Even more as he watched Robin tossing and turning her head, groaning in the ecstasy he ensnared her in. When the peak was past, he quietly watched her falling in a deep sleep. Softly, he got out of the bed and headed to the bathroom.
Turning on the tap, he welcomed the icy water pouring down his skin. Somehow, it washed out the other sexual intentions he had for Robin. Streams of water ran down his throat, choking him a little. Spitting it out, he turned off the tap. Taking a towel from the rack, he dried himself. Halfway, his fingers clasped a hard object. It was his Orbo pendant in the shape of a cross. Its dark green liquid lay lazily in its glass barrier. His lips strained a smile. Old habits die hard, don't they?
Wrapping the towel around his waist, he sensed a disturbing sensation gnawing inside him. Orbo was made from witches, an unethically solution that the former Administrator came up with. Solomon Headquarters deliberately made room for STN-J to execute their `revenge'. Karasuma, Sakaki, Dojima, Michael… Surely, they had moved on. His fingers wrapped the pendant tightly. Why hadn't he? His eyes locked onto it. What if he… No, he couldn't… It's not…
With unsteady hands, he took it off. Gulping in air, he stood rigidly in front of the mirror for a few seconds. The creaking sound of crickets echoed nosily outside. Grabbing the both sides of the basin, Amon bent over and released a soft laughter. If the others had the opportunity to see the look on his face, they would laugh too. Making a mountain out of a molehill was hardly one of his virtues. Turning on the tap, he splashed a handful of water onto his cheeks. Flicking his hair backwards, he decided to turn in for the remaining rest of the night.
Barely making a step, an acute pain shot up in his chest. Holding the basin for support, he gasped. As his heart continued to beat, he grew breathless. The surroundings seemed to vibrate on their own, merging into one blur mess of colours. Suddenly, he heard a thunderous crack. His eyes shot up to the mirror, then, to the Orbo pendant that was lying at the edge of the basin. With one desperate attempt, he grabbed it and held it closely to his chest. Its low whistling gave comfort to his ears. Closing his eyes, he slumped to the floor, leaning his head against the ceramic wall. Gradually, his ears picked up the crickets chirping their tune. Opening his eyes, he turned to the mirror. A hideous mark was on its glassy surface. He waited to see whether its noise would wake Robin. He heard nothing.
It took little effort to put the Orbo pendant back on his neck. Its weight was heavier than usual. Rubbing his forehead, Amon laughed softly. It sounded horrible this time. Wrapping his fingers around his mouth and chin, he stared at the broken mirror. This was the second time he broke a mirror. To recall it, the first one happened seven years ago.
“Another round of seven years, huh?” he asked himself.
The afternoon breeze swept past Robin, relieving her a little from the heat. She glanced at Amon. As usual, he displayed nothing and kept his eyes on the surroundings ahead of him. The same old constant composure. During her days in STN-J, it was her pillar of strength. Right now, she could not be certain. She knew Amon was not the opened type. There were issues that he kept to himself. Many issues that accumulated beneath his calm exterior. Robin felt its disturbance during their lovemaking, the growing dominance of him literally printing onto her. It was not because she did not like it. It was getting rough for her taste. She had brought out her concerns to Amon, knowing full well that he would dismiss it with a reasonable excuse. Despite respecting his avoidance, limitations had their borders.
“Robin?” Amon waved his hand in front of her face. “Robin?” She blinked. “What is it?”
“Nothing.” She imitated his voice.
“Really? You have staring at me for the past ten minutes.”
“Oh.” She looked down at the concrete pavement. “Amon, we need to talk,” she said after a while. “Let's go to the park.” She took his hand and led the way.
“What is it?” He asked, after finding an empty bench.
“It's about you.”
“Yes, you. I have seen that dreadful expression in your eyes. It's eating you alive.”
“It's nothing.”
“When one says nothing, there is always something.”
“Look, it's nothing. So, leave it.”
“Why won't you take off your Orbo pendant?”
“It's none of your business. Leave it alone.”
“We are no longer working for Solomon…”
“Robin, please.”
“We are not hunting witches…”
“Yes, I know but that does not mean I have to forget that my mother's filthy witch blood…” He halted at the wide-eyed look on Robin. He turned around. It was too late. She had seen his hatred. “Sorry, I should not have said that.” He apologized emotionlessly.
“It's all right.” Amon knew she was lying. “I…” He heard her standing up. “It's getting late. Let's go home.”
“Robin,” He turned to face her. “I…”
At that moment, the acute pain from last night shot up in his chest. Amon stumbled. Its pain was a lot worse than he remembered. Falling to his knees, he gripped the metal arm of the bench. His heart pounded madly as sweat trickled down his cheeks.
“Amon? What's wrong?” She saw his Orbo pendant glowing, its liquid bubbling like boiling water. “A Witch?” Her eyes darted everywhere. Elite hunters like Amon were bound to run into revenge-seeking witches. “But where?” She could not locate a presence. All she could detect was that it was coming from Amon himself.
“Impossible!” she exclaimed in a loud whisper.
“Get away from me!” Amon commanded between gasps, feeling the vein muscles around his heart contracting. The Orbo pendant's whistling went higher and higher in pitch.
“But…” she protested helplessly.
Suddenly, the Orbo pendant exploded, spilling its liquid contents all over. Glass bits scattered in the air and fell like hail. Robin saw Amon's eyes widened, its dark pupils displaying the every emotion she never thought she would witness.
Then, everything went into a crazy distortion. The next thing she knew, her body was flying backwards. Landing hard on the ground, she fought against the dizziness. Something sour was on her tongue. A sharp sting swept past her cheek, causing a sticky fluid to drip down her chin. Rising her hand, she touched it, rubbed it between her fingers and looked at it. It was blood. As she dragged herself to her feet, she looked up and heard a gasp. Then, she realized that she was the one gasping.
Enduring the throbbing pain, Amon forced himself to move. Through the black and white flashes, he saw the trees burst into splinters. The trash bins flattened like soda cans. Neighbouring lampposts disfigured. Birds, dogs and cats that were not fast enough to escape, shredded into minced meat. Their dying screams so angst that it hurt his ears. Carpets of grass and soil rose like angry waves. The ground shook violently beneath his feet. Covering his ears, he tried to shut out the numerous noises from keeping him paralyzed.
“Stop, stop, stop, oh god, PLEASE STOP!” He shrieked. The noise. The screams. The similarity they had when he first heard his mother screaming. “SSSSSSTTTTTTTOOOOOPPPPPPP!!!!”
A hot gush of shock shook Robin fiercely. She had never seen him screaming. Shields of her firepowers popped out one after the other, counteracting the wild blasts that Amon's power was churning insanely.
“If I don't do something soon, people are going to get hurt.” Robin's hands headed for the spectacles she kept in her coat's pocket. “But what?” She put them on. “I can't use my powers on him but if I don't… someone will die today.” Her hands rose. “Amon.”
Orange flames walled around Amon, enclosing him in one swooping motion. He was struggling against the fiery snare that clamped him tightly. His clothes started to burn.
“Amon!” she pleaded, knowing she had to try harder in reaching out to him. “Don't make me hurt you. Don't make me do this!”
Miraculously, Amon abruptly collapsed to the ground. Robin withdrew the flames. Bending over him, she checked for a pulse. To her relief, it was steady. So was his breathing.
“Forgive me,” she said tearfully.
Dismounting his motorcycle, Sakaki removed his helmet and made his way to the park. From what he heard from Michael, a severe witch activity had occurred three hours ago. From what neighbourhood had described, it was assumed to be an earthquake. Lifting his leg across the infamous yellow and black tape, he went straight to where Karasuma was.
“Goodness, what happened here?” Sakaki took a brief sweep of the area. “It's like a war zone.”
“Yes,” she agreed, roaming her hands around the damaged area. “Fortunately, no one was hurt but no witness.” Her brows knitted together. “This is odd.”
“I'm receiving very strong emotions from our witch. Fear. Possibly, this one has no idea of his innate powers. No, wait. I'm picking out another. Two witches?”
“That's bad, isn't it?”
“Patience. I sense no malicious from them, only that it's stronger than anything I experienced… No! It can't be…” Her hand flew to her mouth.
“What?” Sakaki hated that. “What is it?”
“Not so loud!” She hushed. “I don't want people to eavesdrop.”
“Sorry.” He lowered his voice. “What is it? You are shaking all over.”
“I think I know who they are. Robin…”
“Robin?” He interrupted. “She's here? What is she doing here? I thought Amon is with her after that stunt they pulled.”
“He is.” Her brows rose in a hinting manner.
“That would mean…” Karasuma barely nodded. “That's not… He is one hundred percent… right? I mean… though he never demonstrate… what the hell were they doing here?”
“I doubt we'll like the answer.”
To be continued….