Witch Hunter Robin Fan Fiction ❯ Witch Hunter Robin Resolution of a Half-ling ❯ Return ( Chapter 2 )

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Chapter 2 - Return
“He is asleep,” said Nagira, closing the door behind him. “The doctor concluded it as a minor heart attack.” Robin's eyes never left the beady-eyed man. “Don't worry. He's repaying his debt.”
“It's a mistake to come here,” she apologetically remarked. “I…”
“No, it isn't,” The burly man corrected. “It's better to seek help from family than strangers.”
“Family?” Her brows arched upwards.
“Yeah, didn't Amon tell you?” He pointed to himself. “He and I are…” It was his turn to arch his brows. “I see. He has not told you.” His next words were said plainly. “He and I are half-brothers. His mother married my dad.”
Slapping his hand upon the edge of the table, he continued. “There are certain issues in one's past that is too painful to bring up. The good news is.” He changed the tone of his voice. “That some things don't change. Coming back to present, it's more than a heart attack, is it?”
“It's Amon.” Robin tried to keep her voice steady. “He… I mean, it… has awakened.”
“Knew it would.” Nagira pressed his lips together, nodding solemnly. “Amon is hardly wrong. So, what is the next move?”
“That's the thing. I don't know. It happened too swiftly.”
“Judging from the timeline you stepped in till now, I can only suggest one solution. STN-J.”
“STN-J? Not Solomon headquarters?”
“Are you getting tired of hiding?” Robin kept silent. “You have friends there, Robin, and after what Amon did, do you think they will not investigate?”
He pulled out a wad of money and thrust it into her hands. “Here. Take a cab.”
“No, I couldn't…”
“Listen, Robin.” Nagira was getting impatient. “A little cut can lead to a severe infection if not treated. Likewise, the sooner you seek help, the sooner we can put this problem to rest. Understand?” He squeezed her shoulders. “Come on, these people own you and Amon a favour. Have a little faith in them.”
“What about Amon?”
“Leave me with him. After all the time he was with you, he should have the bloody decency to mention about our kinship.”
The STN-J caretaker crossed his legs lazily over the table and read his magazine. Yawning, he rubbed the back of his head and flipped a page over. “Lucky colour.” He scanned the horoscope section. “Black.” The humming of a cab was heard. His eyes looked up. A woman alighted. She was wearing black. There was only one person who could pull off such an outfit. Excitedly, he stood up.
“Robin!” Administrator Kosaka greeted warmly as soon as Robin stepped out of the elevator. “It is too good to see you again. Hattori!” He barked. “Get some tea for her, will you?'
“What brings you here?” asked Michael. “See?” He turned to Doijima. “I told you they are still alive.”
“I didn't want to keep your hopes up too high.” She studied her a little. “Still the same as always, huh?”
“Michael… Doijima…” For a brief moment, Robin was relieved that they didn't wipe out their guns at her. “I'm sorry for showing up for like this.”
“You are always welcome here,” said Michael. His eyes darted to the back. “Where's Amon?”
“That's why I am here.” Her fingers rubbed against the folds of her skirt. “We need your help.”
“I thought as much.” Everyone turned towards Karasuma and Sakaki. “It was him at the park yesterday.”
“Please!” She pleaded. “Don't inform the Solomon Headquarters.”
“Relax, Robin. No one is informing anyone,” assured Sakaki.
“You didn't tell us?” Michael protested.
“Never mind about that.” Karasuma took charged. “What's more important is whether Amon is able to control his powers. Where is he?”
“He's with Nagira. He was injured after I…” She couldn't find a more subtle description. “Used my own powers to stop him.”
“This is indeed a grave matter,” Karasuma remarked. “Sakaki. Dojima. You two bring Amon here. I think it's best for him to be here than anywhere else. That way, we can keep an eye on him. Michael, check the database for any information about Amon's mother. Robin, tell me how it happened.”
“Look like she's taking command here,” Sakaki teased Kosaka. “Come on, slowpoke.”
“Shut up!” Dojima took a wrapped object from the drawer. “See you all later.”
“You knew about Amon's mother?” Robin asked Karasuma, watching the two leaving.
“He mentioned it to me before.” She caught something in Robin's eyes. “Why?”
“Nothing.” She shook her head. “Nothing.”
Grudgingly, Amon stirred within the blankets, cursing at the gray sunlight that filtered through a narrow window next to his head, causing him to squint against its brightness. Rubbing his temples, he forced himself to sit up.
“How are you feeling?” The rough voice woke him up fully. He knew that voice. Looking up, he saw Nagira standing a few away from him with arms crossed. “Robin brought you here.” He replied, handing him a glass of water. “It's not her fault. She was terrified after what happened.”
“Where is she?”
“Probably with STN-J.” Amon flinched. “That was my idea. I told her to go there.”
“It won't change anything.”
“Well, you didn't voice your opinion earlier.” He lit a cigarette. Lavender wisps seeped out from his nostrils. “Hungry?”
“No.” Amon stood up and took his shirt that was left neatly folded on the table.
“Going somewhere?”
“It's better than endangering Robin.”
“And what would you do when you have another attack? Don't forget that the people in Solomon are keeping a sharp lookout for you.”
“They trained me. I can anticipate their moves.”
“Can't admit that you have a got a major problem, huh?” Both heard the doorbell rang. “Here comes the Calvary.” He proceeded to leave the room. “Hear me out. I'm doing this for Robin. So should you.”
“What's your status?” Karasuma asked, tapping her fingers onto the desk.
“According to the database,” replied Michael. “Amon's mother, Rin, showed no signs of destructive capabilities when her powers were used. I have checked her relatives and all produced the same results. Interestingly, only the female descendants are witches.”
“Genetics can be a tricky thing. Any information about those who are half-witches?”
“Not a thing. Generally, most of them are normal despite the witch gene flowing in their veins. Guess Amon is a unique case.”
“Unique and risky. He is like a bomb waiting to explode.”
“How's Robin dealing it?”
“She's pretty upset. Apparently, she and Amon were in a midst of an argument when it happened.”
“Will Amon cooperate with us?”
“He is a man with a lot of secrets. I can only pray that Robin has the will and strength to find out before this thing goes out of control.”
“Speaking of the devil…” Michael stood up. “Amon.”
“Amon?” Karasuma speedily moved out of the conference room. There, within a few feet away from her. Amon. The hunter she once envied, whose loyalty was the one of the principles that she severely grilled into everybody. “Amon.” She repeated with a bit of affection this time.
“Good to see you, Miho.” His eyes darted across the office. “Where's Robin?”
“She's using the bathroom. Amon, I just want you to know that none of this will be reported to Solomon.”
“Thank you.”
“Hang in there, okay?” She spot a cross pendant upon his neck. “An Orbo pendant?”
“I gave it to Amon,” Doijima cut in. “Just in case.”
“But it looks like the ones the former Factory use.” Sakaki and Michael shot glaring looks at her.
“Hey, wait a minute!” Doijima raised her hands in defense. “I know that I was a spy for Solomon before but I'm in with this with everyone. That pendant originally belonged to one of the security guards that we killed at the Factory. I took it because I thought I might need it someday.” She pointed to Amon. “His broke. Why not get a more potent replacement?”
“Its chemical structure is still unstable,” Michael balked. “We don't know whether it could trigger off his powers or do something worse.”
“Or maybe,” Sakaki accused. “Solomon has assigned you to check on his powers.”
“Enough!” Amon silenced them off. “I don't have time for politics. Do we have any leads?”
“We did a check on your family tree,” Karasuma responded. “Only the female are witches. Other than that, you are an exception. Presently, there isn't much info on half-witches. The best thing to do is for you and Robin to stay here.”
“Right,” Amon agreed. “Since we are all here, I just want to say is this. Should the situation is beyond control, make sure that you aim the gun at my head.”
“I'm afraid that would have to wait,” Administrator Kosaka interrupted. “We have a problem.”
To be continued…