Wolf's Rain Fan Fiction / InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ I found bliss ❯ I found bliss ( Chapter 21 )

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The land was ice for as far as Kagome could see. Snow fell softly, making piles in various places. Time seemed to stop. The snow stopped midfall. The sky once dark burst into a light baby blue with frosty white clouds. Kagome kept walking, kicking up snow that didn't fall backto the ground. Her wings were exposed to the world and dropping feathers every step she took. As the white feathers hit the ground they turned black.

Kagome stopped and looked back to the fallen feathers. Slowly she reached and picked one up. The feather melted into her hand. She paused and looked up and down her arm. Nothing appeared to have changed. A sharp pain erupted from in her chest. Her body glowed pink. It was being pulled away. Like something was feeding off it, sucking it away. She fell to the ground clutching her chest.

The colors melded and blended together. Then suddenly the pain stopped and the world came back into focus. Except now, where there was once ice, there was now fire. Burning buildings and plants. People running and screamming before suddenly falling down, dead. Kagome's hands covered her mouth as her now black wings wrapped around her form. And then there was nothing. Just darkness.She felt light. Like a feather drifting to earth. Cautiously she rolled over.Below her was a field of wonderful green grass. Beautiful flowers were blooming wildly. Trees dotted the world below. Kagome was being pulled away.

Everything was losing focus again. A feeling like drowning over took her. This was it. Everything she ever wanted drawn into this second, moment, instant. All her cares slipped away. Nothing mattered. This was paradise.

" I " She started softly "found bliss. And it is the end."

Everything faded away and she was left to a warm and content feeling. Some one called her name. She looked up to it. All of her friends, old and new, stood. Beckoning. She smiled and faded away into the paradise.



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