Wolf's Rain Fan Fiction / InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ I found bliss ❯ All falling apart ( Chapter 20 )

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Kagome woke to a pounding headache. She crawled over to the small pool of water in the oasis, hoping to aliviate the pain.But was momentarily stunned when a bottle of asprin fell in front of her. The boy from the dojo, Kaleo, stood before her.


"Amari actually."

"How did I get here."

"I carried you after you passed out from using to much energy."

Kagome took a couple of asprin and stood.

"How did you find me?"

"I've been following you even before Syn bit you"

"Who are you?"

"I'm Amari, I told you this."

"That is not what I meant and you know it."

"I'm Syn's brother. I was tryin to prevent him from doing this to a human, but I failed."

"Syn's brother..."


"You could have tried harder to stop him!"

Kagome jumped up but fell down after slipping on a patch of ice.

"How is there ice in the desert?"

"Do you want the long explanation?"


"Your miko abilities are gone, into the earth, helping to purify it. This will happen to each of your abilities when you use it in such a violent way. With your miko abilities, it will case the world in ice freezing everything. Your demon abilities will anhilate everything, good and evil. You wolf abilities will allow you to open the way to paradise."

"Didn't you just say everything will be destroyed?"

"What? Did you think you would be alive when you went to paradise?"

"Actually, yeah."

"A little naive don't you think?"

"Why does Syn want me?"

Amari blinked a few times at the subject change.

"What ever state your human soul is in at the moment you demon powers are let loose will determine who will, or won't, get into paradise. Lets say that you are power hungry, greed, thus only evil would be allowed into paradise, turning it more into hell. However, if you were to still be a pure soul, then only pure souls would be allowed in."

"I see."

"You'd be best off not telling any of your wolf pals about this."


"I don't know...It's only the pressure of whether or not they will go to an afterlife, no worries."

"Don't be a---"

"Now," He cut her off. " A woman should never use such language. He comes."


"The half wolf, half man. Darcia. He will use you to open paradise."

The sound of a noble ship, so close to that off a high pitched scream, echoed around them. The ship landed.

"Run. He mustn't have you. I shall hold him."



Amari shifted and charged. Lasers erupted catching Armari off guard. A direct hit was scored and he went flying.

"No!" Kagime screamed. "Stop!"

"It will if you come to me."

With tears streaming down her face, she drug herself over to him.

"Kagome no!" Kiba called.

"It doesn't matter now Kiba."

She now stood before him. Darcia grabbed her by the throat and held her off the ground.

"Now call it!"

Kagome just looked a him, her tears still flowing freely. She summoned her powers and inner beast. The demon inside. The power rolled just underneath the skin, but wouldn't come out. Darcia growled and threw her into the ship. Her body hit and sagged to the ground. Darcia started toward her. He stopped eight feet away. She shifted slightly and looked up. Her eyes stained red.


Power burst from her, a giant shock wave of pure energy. Everything went dark.