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Narake slid his armor on as he walked over to Kagome. Hakudoushi moved out of the chair, making room for Naraku. He took the chair and smiled.

"So much in this world has changed over the years. I've watched civilizations fall from my spot in the other world. But you, you disappeared. For five hundred years you dropped of the face of the planet, then I found you. A time traveler."

He stood and grabbed her chin roughly.

"I've been waiting so long to get revenge."

He cut the ropes that bound her to the chair and threw her to the floor. Kagome rolled to the side and tried to stand. Naraku dealt a sharp blow to her stomach and kicked her in the ribs. She curled into a ball, trying in vain to protect herself. He leaned on the floor and grabbed her hair.

"I promise to make your death nice and slow, Kagome. Mouryomaru, give me the blade."

Mouryomaru tossed him the dagger. Naraku put his knee in her back forcin her down and stretched out her right arm. He dug the dagger in slowly and drug in down to her elbow. Kagome gasped in pain and tried to move away, but Naraku's weight held her. Blood was starting to form a puddle on the floor. He twisted the dagger in the wound. Kagome tried to bolt pulling against the ground with her free hand. She kicked and managed to hit him in the back. Naraku grunted and flipped Kagome over. He pushed the knife to her throat.

"Enough! Goodbye Kagome."

He pushed the blade in causing her to bleed. Slowly he put more pressure. Kagome stopped moving, if she tried to turn her head to the side she'd cut her own throat. She growled at him, bearing her fangs. The dagger was mere millimeters away from her jugular. Kagome became deathly still, a calmness in her eyes.

"What's this?"

Power pulsed around her and she glowed pink and black. Naraku was thrown off. Kagome stood and took a few tentive steps foreward. She growled and the power seemed to withdrawl. Hakudoushi and Mouryomaru stood to the edge of the room while Naraku picked himself off the floor.

"You may have escaped once, but I'll make sure you'll never do so again."

Suddenly the power burst from her in one shot that eminated off her like a wave. The screams echoed as Kaomes power destroyed them. The power receeded and the base started to rumble. Kagome fell unconcious to the floor. A pair of strong arms gripped her and carried her bridal style of the the collapsing base. She was set under the shade of the tree and left alone.


The only entrance to the building was the front door. Kiba was watching the people coming and going carefully. Soilders and scientists were the only ones entering or exiting the building.

"Tsume and I will go inside, Hige, you and toboe stay here and keep watch over them."

Kiba was pointingto the guards they had managed to knock out. It was only luck that they picked two guards who ware the same sized clothes. They were going in at sunset, when there were fewer guards. Hopefully it would be a smash and grab. But hope is wasted on the hopless. Sunset came rather quickly, the guards were leaving slowly, seeping out through the alleys and the door. They marched in. The secretary at the front desk looked up, an eyebrow arched above her glasses.

"And where do you think you are going?"

Her voice was high and nasal, annoying.

"Shift change." Tsume sounded slightly irritated.

She gave him a dirty look for his tone but motioned him passed. They had to find the stairs down. That was were the sounds were coming from. The screams and howls. The blood. Buning flesh. Everything lead down. Two guard came from an unmarked door, the first they'd seen. Might as well start there. Luck. Pure luck. The stairs led down, unlit.Like going into the abyss of the hell. The door at the end opened into the light, blinding them both. The staggered from the intense smell and sound. It was an overload for their senses. A group of scientists ran down the hall screaming. One stopped in front of them.

"Come, we have to stop him from stealing Cheza."

They followd down the corridor. Something like an invisible wall weemed to hit and pass through them all. The scientists collasped. Darcia strode down the hall, Cheza squirming in his grasp.

"Goodbye, wolves."

Just like that, he was gone.

"She's gone again!"

Kiba's fist left a hole in the wall. They bolted up the steps and out the building to the two waiting wolves. Toboe looked behind them.

"Where's Cheza?"

"Darcia got her."

"Kagome. Any trace of her?" Toboe's voicewas just a whisper.

"Her scent was old when we entered the city so she'd left. Whith whom or what? I don't know. But she left in that direction. And we will find her."


(Kag Pov)

I'm dreaming. Why? Why am I dreaming? There's no light here, in this place. It's nothing. Just nothing. But I'm walking, I can't stop. You're supposed be able to control your dream. Why can't I.


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