Wolf's Rain Fan Fiction / InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ I found bliss ❯ Revival ( Chapter 18 )

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The roar of a noble vehicle echoed through the dunes. Kiba looked in the direction it came from, waiting for it to roll over the hill. It was more of a transport vehicle with a gun mounted on the top. A soilder stood at the ready, hands on the gun, aiming a Kiba. He gave a gutteral growl and bared his fangs. It slowed to a stop and six soilders poured out the back, weapons drawn. One shot at Kiba's feet forcing him to move back. Two of them stepped toward Kagome. Kiba lept at them snapping his jaws and recieving a wound to the shoulder for it.

The two men drug Kagome into the back of the transport. Before they closed the doors he saw Cheza with them. Kiba gave chase, his feet pounding furiously into the sand as he struggled to catch up. The gunner opened fire forcing him back. The transport sped on faster leaving kicked up dust in it's wake. Kiba lost them and was soon reunited with his pack, who were also after the transport. They stopped and looked at Kiba. He shot a death glare at them.

"How'd they get Cheza!?"

"They attacked the indian village, we were caught off guard. The village was burned and everyone fled. When we found out they took Cheza we immediatly went after them!" Hige was slightly breathless.

"Let's move." Kiba stated calmly.

"Hey Kiba," Toboe's voice was quiet. "Did you see Kagome?"

"They have her."


Kagome woke surrounded by the enemy, all with guns, aiming in her direction. Cheza was sitting next to her, her arms folded and head on her knees.

"Where are we?" Kagome whispered quietly.

"Quiet!" A soilder snapped.

No windows, the only door was blocked, no chance of escape. Kagome had a feeling of dread in her stomach, and it was growing with the passing time. The vehicle came to a sudden halt. Three soilders moved in on her, two on Cheza. They were escorted to a large building. Kagome froze. She could hear the screams of pains, the smell of death, and taste the blood. A soilder pushed her in the back with his gun. She growled at him. The others pointed their weapons at her head. Slowly she walked on, keeping an ever watchful eye out. Syn was leaning on the glass door entrance.

"I'll take her from here, do what you will with the pink haired women for now."

The soilder's released Kagome. Syn was handed Kagome's backpack and weapons. He quickly went through her potions.

"A real rarity here...potion of transformation. And you have several. Tell me Kagome, what is in these?"

She turned away from him, trying her best to look stubborn.

"Don't be like that." He smirked and grabbed her arm.

Quickly he pulled her into an ally and threw her into a wall. Two sets of footsteps echoed down the ally from the opposite direction. Syn swung a foot into the back of her knees causing her legs to collapse and she was let bowing on the ground. Hakudoushi and Mouryoumaru walked up. Syn took a few steps back and bowed as well.

"Thank you Syn. Now go." Mouryomaru ordered.

Hakudoushi grabbed Kagome's wrist and pulled her down the ally where a truck waited. He threw her in the back and got in. Mouyomaru jumped in the front and sped off. The time lapse between when they left and when they stopped was impossible to tell. There was no light from the outside getting into the back of the truck. Hakudoushi looked as if he was asleep but Kagome knew better and wasn't surprised when he spoke.

"There's no way to get out, your ours now. When Naraku comes back, he will be most pleased to see you."

The door flew open letting in the bright sun, Mouryomaru motioned for Kagome to follow. She was led into a bunker. It looked small. A ten by twenty. Hakudoushi kept a firm grip on her arms. They decended four flights of steps and were now in the heart of the base. She was pushed into a chair and tied down.


Syn was standing in the ally again, Kagome's pack and weapons in hand. He burst into laughter.

"They think that they can use her. They will be in for a rude awakening when her life is threatened."

After calming himself he moved on in the direction they left. His smile was malicious and showed his perfectly formed fangs.


Kiba and the others came to the edge of a city. The smog was hanging over it like a thick cloud of fog. Cheza's scent was still here, but Kagome's was old. She was gone. Quickly they went through the city following Cheza's scent. The building they came to smelled like death. Cheza's scent led here.


Hakudoushi sat in a chair facing Kagome.

"Paradise isn't real you know."

Kagome looked up to him.

"It's just another name for heaven I suppose. That's what I think since the only possible entrance is through death. That's why no one's ever lived to tell of it. It's only a fairy tail to put pups to sleep at night, nothing more."

"How can you say that?"

It was his turn to look up. She hadn't spoken since they brought her here.

"How do you think you have the right to crush another person's dream. To smash their hopes. Who gave you that right?!"

He laughed.

"You have no hope. Not any more. As soon as you were bitten your fate was sealed. You see, we needed you to have forbidden blood to help raise Naraku from the dead. You, who killed him, are going to bring him back. Poetic don't you think."

"In the most appropriate way." Mouryomaru spoke as he came into the room pushing a cart.

On it was a jar, bones, bottles full of liquids of different colors, and traditional robes with armor. Mouryomaru pulled a dagger from a sheath on his hip. The blade made from silver. The handle was black with a crimson spider inlay. Mouryomaru put the bones in a tub. Slowly he scattered the contents of the jar over the bones and next added the liquids. He chanted a few words and the tub glowed.

"This is like when Kykio was raised from the dead." Kagome whispered.

"But" Hakudoushi interjected, "He will come back in living flesh, not a clay corpse like Kykio."

Mouryomaru ran the dagger down Kagome's upper arm. He collected all the blood he could before the wound healed. As he added the blood he chanted a few more words. The tub shown with a red light that went to purple, then black. A shadowy figure slowly rose from the tub. His back was exposed and Kagome knew they had done it by the tell tale sign of the spider mark. Mouryomaru handed him the clothes. Naraku turned to Kagome and smiled.

"Hello, Kagome."


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