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Illusitory Paradise
The desert Kagome flew over was baren. Just the sand looking like the ocean floor with it's gental waves and dunes rolling softly. The sun beat down hard. It was a tiring flight and the strain was starting to take it's toll on her body. A plant sprouted up from the sand, then ends turning brown, but otherwise green. Kagome landed and lay down for a rest. The plant was some what thorny, and the branches thick. She fell into the deep slumber unaware of the plants fumes that would put her in a sleep she would never wake from.
The green fields rolled on and on, no apparent end to it. Flowers bloomed wildly and the serene lake that sat in the valley of the moutains in the distance, was crystaline blue. The trees swayed in the breeze to a beat that was as old as time. Birds flew in the sky above, landing, eating, and starting the process over again while chirping some tune. Deer grazed carlessly, minding nothing but the grass. The bright sunshine made the place look like a paradise. It had to be paradise. For only there, could the world be untouched by man. The air clean, no ruined cities, no worries if you will survive the next day. Just pure and beautiful, like an era long forgotten.
Kagome looked down on the landscape, smiling, as it reminded her of what was lost. So taken in by the beautyshe did not hear the soft steps of a cat approaching. His black tail flicked and his green hazed golden eyes watched her intently. The panther was slim and graceful in his movements. He barely disturbed a blade of grass as he walked ever closer.
Kagome turned toward her new company, looking as if she was suddenly taken from a dream.
"Yes, beautiful is it not."
She nodded and the panther took a seat next to her.
"Why do you hide as a human here?"
Kagome let her wolf form come and her wings folded over her back.
"Wings on a wolf?"
"They are as beautiful as the moon."
Kagome smiled letting all of her worries slip away. Syn, her past, the pack, Kiba. She looked up. Kiba. The wolf who offered her comfort in her time of pain. Nothing mattered in this place. Everything just ended here.
"You don't need to run, wolf warrior. Not anymore."
"I'm no warrior."
"More than you can realize, for not all warriors fight."
Kagome nodded and looked to the hills again. This was where she belonged.
"I am Siyu. Panther."
"Kagome, winged wolf."
After admiring the site a few minutes longer, Kagome gave in to a more child like side of herself, and was soon romping in the fields, playing tag with Siyu.
Kiba trodded across the desert, pushing himself to find Kagome. The others had stayed back with the tribe, Cheza with them. The sun was beating down on him, the sand burning into his paws and burying itself in his fur. He must have been walking for hours but the sun didn't seem to move from its high noon position. Still he kept walking, step by step, one foot in front of the other. It was becoming mechanical now, his mind numbing out feeling.
Siyu was quiet now, looking in the distance, seeming as far away as he was looking.
"You don't belong here."
Kagome looked shocked. Hurt, evident on her face.
"You should be with them, the ones you've forgotten."
"That world, the one you left, it holds the ones you need. There was a poem I once heard, told two wolves who shared the same wild heart. Now that I've met you, I can see part of that heart. It read as such.
Where does a wild heart go
it goes looking for freeedom
in every handspan of this ground
it takes along in its journey
a feeling, a longing
and the sheer force of love
it goes on its was
through rain and storms
through caves and crystals
cold wind, gales
the world today dawned wild
hanging by thread
at the pull of a whirlwind
What's a wild heart made of
It's born in a quest for truth
and in the search for a reason
it goes with ths chest filled with courage
the blue sky after the storm
and the joy of a song in this strange world
that time that slips so fast
cannot silence your voice
lights, rivers, sound, lighthouses
the world taday dawned wild
as if challenging
this heart.
So just go, back to the truth and reason. Find your real freedom, Kagome."
Kagome's vision was starting to fade back, like the movies where the picture fades into a pin point on the screen. Memories came flooding back, faces, voices, death, paradise. She awoke under a plant, the shade not the least bit comforting from the heat. The smell was starting to make her drowsy, and she quickly crawled away. She sat up and looked around. How long was she asleep? Had she been asleep at all? She tried flapping her wings, to get lift off the gound, but failed miserably. Slowly she got to her feet, but fell. Again she tried, again she fell.
"Maybe I should rest for a little while, but only a little."
She fell back into the sand and darkness took her.
Kiba was also expieriencing the fatigue of the desert. Still he kept going. He could stee the outline of a plant, it looked dead, but as he got closer he could see the green. Even closer her could see Kagome spralled across the sand. His pace only quickend slightly as he went over to her. Kiba nudged her slightly.
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