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The tears had stopped and Kagome was now moving soundlessly about her room. She had already pack the demon potions into a small backpack and slung it over her shoulder along with her kimono. She opened her closet and was surprised to see all of her cloths still there. She slipped into a white halter and black jeans. Putting some thought in the weapons she used to carry they appeared before her. She pulled a thigh holster and a hip holster from under her bed. Sliding the 9mm into the holsters she looked at the sword she took from Kouga. Shaking her head she decided to leave it.
"No longer will I carry my past, this life I leave behind me."
"Good girl, my miko." Syn purred from the back of the room.
Kagome spun around towards him. He was leaning casually against the window with a smirck on his face while he flipped a knife in his hands. Another presence caught her attention.
"Syn, hasn't any one ever told you that it's rude to burst into a lady's room?"
"Likeyour any better." Syn spat.
Kagome looked between the two creatures. Both were of forbidden blood and she could tell, and judging by their looks they were related. Amari's hair was slightly longer than Syn and his eyes were a brilliant green. He took his wolf form and saw the recognition streak across her face. Amari was all black, even his eyes.
"You're him."
"Stay with this pack." Amari said softly.
"All you'll do is kill them." Syn whispered.
"I can't stay with them."
Kagome fled past Syn and out the window. She was so sure she'd say goodbye this time. So willing to face up to what she feared. But that courage was now gone and she fled from the house that held her friend's and enemies.
Kiba looked out the kitchen window. The day seemed bright. Perhaps it was pesimistic of him to think something would go wrong today. Just as he was dwelling on the thought he saw Kagome running. He took chase. Kiba was down wind so Kagome couldn't smell him or hear him. She took the spell off of her wings and unfurled them. Kiba slid to a halt as Kagome took to the sky. He watched her fly north. Kiba knew that if that got moving now, they wouldn't be to far behind. He went back to the house and heard unfamiliar voices so he hid around the corner and listened in.
"Good so she left them."
"Did you think less of me."
"Of course not Syn, you're our most competent minion."
"Praise him not to much Hakudoushi, his head might get big."
"Mouryoumaru, since when did you joke?"
"I wasn't joking."
The other two laughed.
"Okay, Syn I want you to tail her and ---- I fear our conversation is no longer private." Mouryoumaru said.
"The white wolf it seems."
"What do you know of this white wolf, Syn?"
"He's the leader of the pack. Not much of a threat."
Kiba peered around the corner to find them gone. Quickly he ran inside and got the pack moving at top speed to keep up with Kagome.
Kagome was flying over a mountainous region. The winds and sharp cliffs from the side of the mountain, forced her to land and walk the rest of the way. Thismountain range was starting to end but another could be seen in the distance. She could reach the base of the mountain by morning if she went all night or early evening is she rest. There was a crevace in the rock that her wolf form would be just small enough to fit in it. And so, she slept.
~*~*~*~*~ DREAM ~*~*~*~*~
Meniacle laughter fill her room. Kagome looked about the room and out the window to the sacred tree. No one there. The laughing continued. She knew this laugh. She knew it well. Naraku. Kagome looked to her bed to find Naraku leaning against the headboard with a grin on his face.
"Kagome, Kagome, Kagome. How are you? Doing well? I must admire you, you've done farmore damage to yourself than I could ever do." He laughed again. "On top of that, you kill all of your comrades. If I'd have know you had this potential, I would have taken you myself."
She back herself up against the wall as far as she could. Her breathing was ragged and sweat was trickling down her face.
"We killed you."
"Yes but I just won't stay dead, Kagome dearest. I will come back, just for you."
~*~*~*~*~ DREAM END ~*~*~*~*~
The tempurature had dropped over night making the rocks cool to the touch. There were foot falls. The steps clicked against the stone and it drew near. She was sure it wasn't the wolves by how heavy the steps were but who was it. Kagome raised her head to look around. Horses trotted by. Two, three, and another was coming. The fourth horse stopped in front of the crevace. A human peered in at her. His hair and eyes were brown, and his skin was really tan as if he'd been working in the sun to much.
"Hey I found a wolf!"
The hoof beats could be heard racing back.
"Let's take it back to the elder."
"Come wolf."
Kagome lay her head back down as if to say "you have got to be kidding me." The boy reached into the crevace. His hand out, palm exposed.
"Come there are wolves in our tribe."
Kagome stood and walked out. She proceeded down the path and past the horses, paying them no mind. The horses followed on either side of her. She watched them cautiously, her eyes darting back and forth. They were progressing down the mountain faster than she thought they would. They would probably be off the mountain by noon. As soon as they reached an open space, Kagome bolted. The horses kept pace with her. Her wings appeared on her wolf form and the horses reared up and pulled away.
"The winged wolf."
The four humans were staring wide eyed at her. She gave them a quick glance and again was air born. She flew over the tribe they were speaking of. The wolves who saw her started to howl. An old man, most likely the village elder, stared up at her with a quizical gaze then smiled.
Kiba kept her in sight after she had to land on the mountain path. They followed far behind the men on horses. Before they appeared before the men they changed into human form. Kiba approached first, cautiously.
"Winged wolf?" He asked the one who found Kagome.
"The winged wolf is supposed to save wolf kind."
"What of paradise?"
"A wolf pack I see."
Kiba stood there in silence. How did these human's know they were wolves.
"We have wolves in our village, come."
The pack made sure to lag behind away from the men and put a good distance incase any trouble arose. The tribe was a short walk away and there were indeed a few wolves living among them, some in human form, others in wolf. They were taken to a large well designed tepee (SP?) An elder man was sitting, his grey hair pulled back, and wrinckled face showed many years of life.
"The chosen wolf looks for paradise, welcome white one."
"The trained eye can see through the most clever illusions. Are you following the winged wolf?"
"Because she's part of our pack."
"By the way she flew, she flew, she seemed more of a lone wolf."
"Some thing happened."
"Would it be your pack?"
"In all my years of meeting wolves, I've never seen them chase after a wolf unless their own personal gain was involved. What do you gain?"
"A pack member."
"Nothing else?"
The elder could see the determination in his eyes. The burned like fire. This one, he knew, was the chosen wolf. So full of pride, honor, and duty, he could be no one else. The elder smiled at him.
"You are welcome to stay as long as you need."
Kiba nodded his thanks and went to tell the others, who did not wish did not come inside the tepee.
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