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Kiba walked back downstairs after he was sure Kagome had fallen asleep. The others were waiting in the living room. Kiba fell back on the couch looking slightly exausted.
"Well, what's wrong?"Toboe asked.
"All she said was 'I killed them'."
"No names." Hige asked.
"No but she was crying over this book."
Kiba set the book on the table.
"This book is way to old for her to know anyone in it. Why would she be crying." Toboe looked very confused.
"Probably has something to do with her past." Kiba sighed.
"Then we'll ask her. I almost went deaf from all her howling." Tsume growled.
"If your willing to do it to others then lets pry into your past Tsume. A game of 20 questions sounds good." Hige snareled.
"Like I care." Tsume shrugged.
"Fine! How did you get that scare on you chest Tsume?"
Hige knew that was touching a sore spot but he said he didn't care. Tsume's eyes lit with rage as he growled at Hige. The grey wolf lunged at Hige pulling his knife.
"Don't delve into my past porky."
"Now how do you think Kagome would feel Tsume? Huh? How would she feel?!" Hige yelled.
"Keep it down, Kagome's sleeping." Toboe whispered.
Upstairs, Kagome was awake. Tears still trailed down her cheeks but her cries were soundless. She heard the conversation that went on downstairs. She was causing problems. Again. It was time to move on. To be on her own again. But this time she wouldn't just disappear, she would tell them good bye. She would keep them forever in her memories. Holding them dear.
"All I'll have to do is survive." She whispered. "No more protecting. No more blood shed but my own."
Finally after many hours of tears, Kagome cried herself to sleep.
~*~*~*~*~ DREAM ~*~*~*~*~
Kagome sat at the base of Goshinboku in the Feudal Era. The day was bright and sunny, not a cloud in the sky. Not an evil presence to be sensed. Completely at ease. Her phoenix wings were folded bhind her. She smiled up at the leaves flipping in the breeze. Suddenly the leaves started to fall. The wind picked up and got extrememly cold. Dark clouds rolled over the sky. The forest was now bare and the wind suddenly stopped. Figures started comming out of the wood. Six of them.
The first one that came out was Shippou. He wore the armor that a guard of the west would. Sango and Miroku were out next, Sango in her demon slayer outfit, Miroku in his buddist outfit. Sesshoumaru came out of the shadows, dressed in his traditional robes and armor. Kagome gasped in shock as Kouga came from between the trees next. She knew who the next one would be. InuYasha. It was, the exact way she remembered him.
"You killed us." Sango whispered.
"Why?" Miroku asked.
"I told you not to go back." Sneered Shippou.
"You started the war." Barked Sesshoumaru.
"Your selfishness destroyed us all." Growled Kouga.
They whispered the words over and over, but InuYasha had yet to say anything. Tears were once again streaming down her face. She closed her eyes and covered her ears, trying to block out their voices.
"I didn't mean to!"
Still they whispered.
"No! No! NO!" She screamed.
Suddenly the voices were silent. Kagome looked up to find all but one gone. InuYasha still remained, staring at the ground. Slowly, he turned his eyes upward to her.
"This is what you deserve for your selfishness. To die alone and broken. A filthy dirty bloodded creature doesn't even deserve to take a single breath of air. Just die. Die, die, DIE!"
Then even he was gone, evaporated. Laughter filled the forest. A woman's voice. Kykio's voice.
"Is my reincarnation depressed? Jelousy. Envy. Hatered. The fools who you believed were you friends thought you incapable of feeling these. Now, you live on it." Kykio laughed again tauntingly. "Who would have thought that something thought to be so pure would really be so dark. You're a pathetic excuse for a human! Wait. You aren't human are you? That's right, you're a creature that should be ripped from existance."
Again her laughter filled the air. Kagome cringed at the noise.
"Just die."
~*~*~*~*~ END DREAM ~*~*~*~*~
Kagome leaped out of bed, cold sweat covering her. She clutched her pillow tightly. Sleep used to be her untainted bliss but now, it was littered with nightmares.
"It's my fault. They're right. It's my fault."
She whispered the words over and over, rocking back and forth, clutching the pillow.