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"Kagome your attacks are weak, pick up the pace."
Kagome charged again, swinging the sword she took from the weapon rack. Sesshoumaru dodged effortlessly. Kagome was sweating and panting. She'd been training since sun rise and it was almost sun set. Not to mention she had been going for a week strainght.
"Quit sloutching. Fix your form."
She stood up straight and glared at him. Falling into a new stance, she waited for his move. He watched her warily. This stance was new, and he was not about to make any mistakes. His hand twitched and she was upon him in wolf form. Her teeth caught his hakama and ripped the leg open. He hissed as he kicked her in the jaw. She landed and changed back to human form. As she charged again she changed into a wolf and darted between his legs. Kagome swung around quickly to bite him in the back of the leg but was met with a knee instead.
"You're to slow."
Changing back into human form again she held her hand forward. Flames burst forth and singed Sesshoumaru's clothes. He gared at her. He summoned his poison whip and lashed out at Kagome. He knew she was indeed getting better, but not good enough. His whip streaked across her back ripping open the flesh. The poison started to circulate in her body and sent cearing pain throuht her muscles. She howled in pain but charged again. Blood was pouring on the dojo floor. Sessoumaru lashed out again and cut open her arm. Still did she not stop. Her body was starting to numb from the effects of the poison. Her body had been trying to make an antivemon but it had yet to be perfected, hence just the numbness and not the death effect the poison was made for.
She gave a dragon like roar and her form once again shifted. But not to a wolf or chimera, but a silver dragon with dark blue eyes. Her claws tapped on the wood floor and her wings opened and closed. Her toung flicked out like a serpents. Sesshoumaru raised an eyebrow at this new turn of events. She took a sharp intake of breath then her mouth lit up with fire. It poured over the floors of the dojo and engulfed the room. Unable to dodge the blast Sesshoumaru was thrown back into a wall. His hakama were now shorts and his hoari hung in burnt tatters. Sesshoumaru's face elongated at a red whirlwind engulfed him. He lunged at Kagome embeding his fangs into her thick scales. She shook him off and took flight. Bursting through the roof of the dojo, she circled in the sky above the large courtyard.
Sesshoumaru bound out of the dojo and looked to the sky. He gave a mighty bark before leaping into the sky. Kagome did a barrel roll away from him. Sesshoumaru landed back to the ground. Kagome did a talon dive at him. He jumped away and again sunk his fangs into her scales. She bit into his shoulder and tried ripping away the flesh. Sesshoumaru released his grip then was batted away by Kagome's tail. He turned ad lunged at her. She flung dirt into his face blinding him. Again she was airborn. Sesshoumaru managed to get the dirt out but his vision was still blurry and he didn't see Kagome's attack coming. She grabbed him by the scruff of his neck and pulled him into the air.
She dug her claws into his sides to hold him. She went into another dive. They were dropping like stones and Sesshoumaru was soon met with dirt as Kagome flew safely away. Turning around she let flames pour onto his body, turning his once white fur smoky gray and black in some spots. He stood and shook off the soot from the burnt foliage around him. He growled up at Kagome. She gave a dragon smirck. He leaped up and grabbed hold of her neck, and drug her down to the ground. A guard emerged onto the battlefield.
"Lord Sesshoumaru, the southern army is charging the palace!"
He let go of Kagome and nodded to the guard. He transformed back.
"I must defend my palace, we'll finish this later."
She took flight again. Quickly spotting the battle she flew above it and circled around. Both forces looked up at her each wondering if they were on the others side. Kagome dove at the southern soilders and burned them. Sesshoumaru's guard, taking it as a sign the dragon was fighting for them, charged. Kagome landed and started ripping apart any enemies that got near her. Within fifteen minutes the opposing forces were destroyed. Kagome stood proudly in the middle of the ash and blood battlefield. The soilders bowed in respect. She transformed back. The soilders stood slack jawed at what stood before them. A woman.
(Keep in mind I'm not being sexist. Just the time period, no offence to anyone if they took it wrong.)
She inwardly smiled at their expresions. Kagome spotted Sesshoumaru at one of the guard towers.She walked up to him.
She followed him through the castle to his study. He sat behind his desk which was littered with documents and books. Kagome sat infront of the desk.
"Your training will progress on your own away from the castle."
"Your inability to control yourself has left the roof of my dojo in tatters, my favorite outfit in ruins, and my court yard in shambles. You abilities were progressing quickly but, as I said, your control is sorely lacking. You may stay but your training will continue at least 50 miles from castle grounds. Do you understand."
"Hai." She whispered solemly.
"Now to discuss you living arangements."
"I will be leaving tonight."
"Do as you wish."
He waved his hand in dissmisle and Kagome left for her room. Nothing special about the room The bed was large, which was about the fanciest thing in the room. Other than the bed a desk and a wardrobe adorned the room. There was also a small balcony. On the desk were a series of small bottles catagorized by what they did. Healing, poison, energy, illusions, and so on down the line, all of which were made from demon parts and special herbs. She drank an orange liquid from one bottle. It amplified her senses in the dark. Though she was demon, her senses dulled with the coming of night. And it was only a thin cresent that would hang in the sky tonight.
It took some time to find a bag from one of the servants. The sun was almost below the horizen as she took off into the sky. She kept her wing beats silent as she scanned the ground below. Night was not the best time to be traveling, especially for a female unmarked demon. The only female demon she'd ever seen were from the panther tribe, and the one who was with Hiten. But she couldn't exactly count her anymore since she was burnt to ashes in his rage.
Kagome made it back to Keade's village without trouble. She guessed that it was about midnight when she reached Sango and Miroku's hut. Niether were awake, so as not to alarm them, she slept outside the hut. Kagome woke before sunrise and concealed her wings. A few minutes later Sango exited the hut. She fell over in surprise as Kagome jumped off the roof.
"Kagome! Make some noise next time!"
"Sorry Sango chan."
"Kagome, you look, diffrent."
"Good different or bad different?"
"Sango I sense Kagome is back." He said walking out. "I guess you knew already."
"I'll be leaving today."
"There's, some thing I need to finish in my time. Also I need to get the jewel back."
"You lost it?" Sango looked mortified.
"Hai." Kagome hung her head low.
"Gomen Kagome. I didn't mean to make you feel bad, I'm sure you'll get the jewel back."
"Lady Kagome if it isn't to much trouble will you tell me what kind of demon you are?"
"Sesshoumaru said I was a moon chimera. But after I transformed into a dragon, I'm not so sure."
"You are a moon demon."
"Moon demon?"
"I was told of them by my father." Sango chimed in. "He said moon demon were the most powerful because of their ability to change into any species of demon, depending on the situation. Only one was ever recorded in books."
"Depending on the situation how?"
"Say you were fighting a battle against all ground troops, most likely you would change into something where you would have the atvantage. Such as something that flies. Or if you were fighting with a strong hand to hand combatant, you would become something that could attack from a distance to avoid hand to hand combat."
"Thank you Sango. Good bye."
Kagome started walking away. She was met by Kirara at the edge of the village. Kagome reached her hand out to pet Kirara but was hissed at instead. The small cat-like creature transformed into her larger self and roared at Kagome.
"Kirara what has gotten into you. It's Kagome."
The saber-toothed cat just roared again and snapped at Kagome. Kagome fled to the well, not willing to fight a friend. Clutching her bag tightly she bolted into the well and slipped through the time portal.
She wasn't greeted by any one on the otherside though. She went into the house. It was like she remembered. Run down with a sagging roof. Blood stains could still be seen from when her family was murdered. Kiba and the others sat on the couch.
"Where's Shippou?"
"Who Shippou?"
"The fox, who else."
"There never was a fox. An hour away from us and you loose you mind. Wow! You really are dependant upon us." Hige answered jokingly.
Something's wrong here. I'm sure Shippou was waiting for me on the other side of the well. Maybe they're just messing with me. But if that's the case, where is his scent. She went up to her old room and found a worn book on her desk. The book read "War of Purifacation". She flipped open the cover and skimmed the pages. The book talked about a war in which almost every demon, pure blood and hanyou, were destroyed. There were also names in the book, of soilders and lords who were lost. Four names caught her attention. Sesshoumaru Taisho, Taiyoukia of the west. Shippou Tsukia, General. Sango Masaryu infantry. Miroku Inari, healer. They were gone. She had changed the past. She had killed Shippou and Sesshoumaru.
Kagome broke into tears, clutching the book tightly. Unknowingly taking her wolf form, she howled in pain and sorrow. Shippou had warned her of changing the future, but she paid no heed. She thought she had nothing left to lose. She was wrong. She had Shippou to lose, and completely ignored the fact that one of the most precious gifts, family, was sitting right in front of her. She howled louder as tears continued to fall, endlessly spilling to the floor. Kiba came upstairs. He saw Kagome crying and nuzzling a book.
"Kagome, you have to calm down."
He pulled her into an embrace to help calm her. He cut her howling down to whimpering. Kagome pushed closer into his chest, still crying. He held her tightly stroking her hair.
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