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Disclaimer: I do not own Wolf's Rain, and this piece is pure fiction.
The winds blow softly across the land. The golden grass weaves up to touch the sky. From where I lie the land is pure beauty, stretching until it disappears at the horizon. She smiles at me. All but her is forgotten.
End Prologue
I'm a wolf. I feel no sadness, nor regret. I can just keep running, and then, that day when I grow tired, that day when I will lay myself to rest on the snow and close my eyes, I can only hope it's enough for me. Those fake and fragile things called emotions are perhaps something that I will never have. But I have my comrades. And that place. That place where I know, I know one day I'm going to reach it. And when I do, I'm going to smile. I'm going to smile for the very first time.
“Kiba… Kiba!” My eyes open to meet the sky, grey and uncertain. My fur rustles in the breeze, shaking me from my dream. The rocks below me are precariously sharp, glistening with the rain, hungering for my blood. Without any hesitation, I leap up onto the next platform.
Cheza's eyes probe my face, searching. “Kiba… be careful.” I nod, entranced by her beauty. Taking in the scent of lunar flowers, I turn my head towards my goal. Up above is something unknown, something we've been searching for all this time. My future lies there, and I can't afford to lose now. I was born for this one purpose.
They stand behind me, thriving on nothing but hope, on curiosity. Toiling with a strength left within, they rest often, panting while leaning on the rocks. I can't see anything from them. They are but little beings, unable to change. The cliff we stand on is too much for them. And they know.
Out of the blue, he slips. Gasping ferociously, he lifts his bloodied hands in an attempt to save himself. I run. Holding out my hand, I stretch my soul, willing my strength to be enough to save him. For a moment, his eyes catch onto that feeling, staring intently into my heart. He is close enough. “Grab on!” I hear the strange growl escape my lips, yet I understand it. He is not afraid. He doesn't reach for my arm. “I won't… pull you down with me.” For a moment, he hangs, clinging onto a jutting rock, and the next, he's falling, being pulled into an endless darkness.
I slowly withdraw my hand. Shaking, I watch the woman shed tears, crying out his name again and again. I turn my head away. A loud crack and the sound of sorrow and redemption. I know it's over for both of them. For a minute, I want to turn back. But I sit still, lifting my head in a silent salute. And then I leap.
Hige moves swiftly, battling Darcia. Growling, they slash at each other, a flurry of fangs and claws. I move closer in. Warm blood splatters across my muzzle, staining my white fur. I turn my yellow eyes towards the battle, peering anxiously. Blue lets out an angry cry, and I realize that Hige's on the ground, with a red flower of blood spreading out under him. I open my mouth to yell his name, but Blue beats me to it. “Hige!” Her voice rings out over the barren landscape, the sorrow blanketing everything in a mist. “Hige!” She tastes the word on her tongue, letting her love flow freely, embracing him. It's over in a second. Darcia has his fangs clamped into her body, and all she can do is nothing at all. He tosses her over to the side, drawing a red stain onto the fresh snow. Snarling triumphantly, he runs on, to the top.
Hige gasps as he limps over to Blue, wincing with every step. The blood from his wound pours out freely, melting the snow underneath him. When he reaches her, I hear a soft whisper. “Hige… is that you?” Hige lays his body next to her and speaks in a raspy tone. “Yeah, it's me.” Blue laughs bitterly, her body shaking from the cold. “I can't see anything, Hige.” “Me neither.” Hige struggles to sit up, leaning a rock. “Hige… don't leave, alright?” Hige looks over Blue lovingly. “I'm not going anywhere, I promise.” He fixes his weary eyes on me. “Ki…ba… keep going, okay? If you don't…” He winces, taking in a shaky breath. “If you don't… I'll never forgive you, `kay?” I look over my friend, covered in blood, breathing hard. I sink my paw into the snow just in front of him. “I will. Just rest easy, okay?” I pad silently away, hearing Hige's voice carrying on the wind. “Let's meet up… in Paradise.”
Blue watches the gentle snow falling. Whispering a goodbye to Hige, she drifts into a bright dream, opening her eyes occasionally to make sure of her partner. Hige smiles reassuringly at her. She moves her head poetically until it is lain onto his leg. “I've wanted to do this forever…” She whispers, barely audible. Hige replies, but it is lost in the torrent of pain flowing from her body. Suddenly, it stops, embracing her in an eternal sleep.
Hige regards Tsume with an intensity. “Hey, Tsume… do me a favor… rip out my neck with your fangs…” Tsume hesitates, unsettled in a moment of silence. “Hey, buddy, could you hurry up? It really hurts here…” Tsume takes a deep breath and steps obediently onto the untouched snow. Before any doubts set in, he opens his mouth, sinking his fangs into Hige's neck. Breathing a sigh of relief, Hige smiles. “Thanks…” Tsume closes his eyes for a moment. And then he bites.
Tsume runs on, the blood of his friend dripping from his mouth. He picks up speed, winding through the blizzard. He pauses for moment, feeling the weight of death on his shoulders. By the time he shakes it off, he's already at full speed, his eyes peering intently into the snow. “That's right… no regrets this time.” His voice carries over his head, disappearing under the roar of the wind. The last of the blood slips away, leaving a crimson stain on his grey fur.
Darcia's eyes are trained on Tsume, and Tsume returns the gaze, glaring at the cold-blooded killer. “You…!!!” The growl rises from Tsume's throat, revealing his intent to kill. Darcia smirks. High above Tsume, he pounces. Tsume bares his teeth, revealing his fangs. Darcia lands on Tsume with a sickening crash. The snow is sent flurrying into the air, allowed one last flight. Splatters of crimson blood paint the land dark red. Cries of pain ring out, carrying traces of determination and anger. At last it clears. Blood is everywhere, turning the once beautiful scene into a grotesque battlefield. Tsume lies broken and battered on the ground, shivering. Darcia is badly wounded. I watch in disgust as Darcia uses the last of his strength to keep going. “Darcia!” I feel the anger within me begin to take control. “Darcia… I swear… I swear I will kill you!” Darcia turns back to look me in the eye, then limps on, disappearing into the snowy mist.
I turn towards my friend. “Tsume, are you…” “Shut up! I'm fine! Just go!” I glance reluctantly at his body. “Kiba!” He forces a smile. “Hey, I'm okay. Just get to Paradise for all of us.” I survey the blood, and there doesn't seem to be a lot. “Go after him, Kiba! Now's the time!” I look away. The clouds are parting, showing the full moon. The northern lights adorn the heavens like a sleepy veil, beckoning me to climb higher. In the silence I can hear the calling of the nightingales, singing me a sweet, sweet song. Tsume's presence is pushing me away. “Take care of yourself, Tsume.” I leap into the night. “See you later… Kiba.” The words wash over me like a dream.
Tsume smiles, letting his body fall into the snow. The rock that he was leaning on is stained completely crimson. The patch of snow where he was sitting is an ever growing red blossom. Tsume wipes the blood running from a corner of his mouth, rolling over until he can see the sky. Even after his eyes close, he can see the stars watching over him. “So, this is what happiness feels like…” And then it's over.
I watch Darcia touch the lake, and die. I let out a snarl from my throat. Cheza gives me a loving look, and then there is no purpose. No end or beginning. There are words that I cannot hear, a cold embrace that to anyone else would feel warm. “This world…freeze over…disappear… true self…” The soft melancholy haze falls over me and I realize the words have nothing to do with me. But, why do I feel so bound? Where is my freedom? Why am I… chained? The last word pierces my body like an arrow. I start to shake uncontrollably, because the sadness isn't something I can take. Yes, I am a wolf. Yes, I'm free. But somehow, that last word just isn't right. Something inside of me stirs, and I let out a cry, listening to it echo over the waves. Freedom. Truth. Purpose. Rakuen. All is lost.
“Goodbye, Kiba. Goodbye.”
Kiba lets himself fall from the cliff, his eyes closing even before he lands. He falls into the lake, and watches the moon as the ripples pull the rays closer into him. He can see the light, and he can see it fade. And then, when it's dark, and the water starts to close in, he lets go. He murmurs the message softly into the lake. “Yeah…Goodbye.”
I run on to meet her, the sky stretching until it touches my face. She reaches out for me, caressing my fur and embracing me with such warmth. Toboe laughs like a child, watching us. Blue and Hige are leaning on each other, whispering lovingly. Tsume watches the clouds float by, closing his eyes every few seconds to have a moment of silence. I hesitate for a second, but Cheza squeezes my hand. I turn towards them all, and then, at long, long last, I smile.