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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

~*Chapter one*~
~The Sleep Over~
Phoenix walked down the sidewalk that led to her best friend's house, thinking about how they had first met each other….it was kind of like this:
Phoenix was at a party that took place in a schoolmate's house. When she got there she saw a girl she hadn't seen before. The girl had on a black and gold Rurouni Kenshin t-shirt and camouflage pants. The girl came up to Phoenix and said, “Hello, I'm Artemis.”
“My name is Phoenix,” She replied. Their friendship had only grown since that moment; now it was almost as if they could read each other's minds now.
Phoenix looked up from the sidewalk and saw she was at Artemis' house. Artemis was waiting by the front door, staring at the moon. She looked up and saw Phoenix, then ran down to the end of the driveway to meet her.
“Did you find out?” She asked Phoenix.
“Yes, I did. I'll tell you in a minute,” Phoenix replied as they walked up the driveway to Artemis' house.
“Ok, I figured out my part too. And a few other important details,” Artemis said.
“I'll start,” Phoenix said once the girls reached Artemis' bedroom.
“Alright, we can figure out why you're always seeing fire when there isn't any, why you can predict the weather three years in the future, and why you're always last to leave the lunchroom, but are never late to class; even though, up until now, you've had no idea how!” Artemis said. “Alright, you can start now.”