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~*Chapter Eleven*~
~The Hunters~
Weiryn and Apollo were out hunting in the ancient forest. Apollo; a tall sixteen-year-old with light brown hair and blue eyes; scouted the land carrying a rifle. His dark blue jeans and black shirt that had the outline of a golden dragon on it hid him well within the trees. His companion, Weiryn, was a scrawny sixteen-year-old with crimson hair and eyes to match. His stone-washed blue jeans and gold shirt with a black dragon outline on it did just the opposite of Apollo's.
Weiryn carried his dagger level with his thin waist, ready to attack any animal that challenged him. Apollo walked next to Weiryn, his rifle cocked on his shoulder. They were hunting some rabbits that had eaten their entire vegetable garden; they wanted revenge. Weiryn walked away from Apollo; he had spotted a small family of rabbits. Killing his prey at the same time as Apollo had killed another family, they turned to each other. “When are we going to head back to our camp?” Weiryn asked Apollo.
“In a few minutes, be patient,” Apollo answered. A few minutes later; though it seemed like an hour to Weiryn; Apollo said, “Well, let's gather what we got and start heading back to the camp.”
“Finally!” Weiryn exclaimed, throwing his hands up into the air victoriously.
They gathered what they had caught and put it into the gunny sack on Apollo's back. “So, have you heard from those intruders yet?” Apollo questioned, glancing at Weiryn with a look of malice. `How dare Weiryn allow two girls into our forest, especially since they shouldn't have been able to find this forest in the first place!' He thought angrily.
“Not yet, brother. But, rest assured, if I ever lay eyes on them, I will kill them,” Weiryn said, clenching his fist. “They won't even know what hits `em. I hope we catch them soon, I've been yearning to fight someone lately.”
Just as they reached camp Apollo said, “Stop; I hear something. Follow me.” They crept up behind the tree nearest the voices. After straining their ears to hear what the intruders were saying, they were able to make out the last part of their conversation.
“What are you going to do when we find a place to camp?”
“I don't know, I think I'm going to make something to eat. I'm hungry!”
That was all Apollo and Weiryn heard before the two girls' footsteps faded away.