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~*Chapter Ten*~
~The Lake~
When Phoenix got to the lake, she heard the voice in the back of her mind once again.
Phoenix! Phoenix! The voice called, echoing loudly.
“Where do I need to go to find you?” She asked the voice.
Follow your heart and you will find me.
Phoenix's heart told her to go to the island in the center of the lake. Without thinking about what could happen, she teleported to the lake. When her feet touched the ground, she looked around. Under a nearby bush was a baby dragon, not much bigger than a seven-month-old cat. “Are you the one I've been searching for?” She asked the dragon, not realizing how ridiculous she was being.
I am. My name is Scorch, I am a Phoenix-Dragon, Scorch told Phoenix, smiling at her. His white teeth glinted in the sunlight, making them seen luminescent.
“Well you already my name, apparently. But, I have to ask, what is a Phoenix-Dragon?” Phoenix said, examining the little creature with curiosity.
Scorch seemed to sigh, and then he said, A Phoenix-Dragon is the result of a dragon and a phoenix mating together. Don't ask such stupid questions.
Phoenix continued asking questions, but the last one she asked was; “What do you eat?”
I eat small game, like rabbits and mice. Can you stop asking questions now? Your sister will be here soon. You don't want to bore her with all of your questions, do you? The Phoenix-Dragon said irritably.
Phoenix's mouth dropped open. It took her a few moments to realize it was hanging open, then a few more seconds for her to find her voice again. “What?” She exclaimed. “I don't have a sister! That's impossible!”
You have known her for a very long time, nearly all of your life. Her name is Artemis, Scorch said, watching in cruel amusement as Phoenix's mouth dropped open again.
“My sister's name is Artemis?” Phoenix said, repeating what Scorch said. She just wanted to make sure she had heard him correctly.
A few minutes later Artemis and Trisa walked onto the island. Artemis offered Phoenix a pop and when Phoenix took it from her hand she began to drink her own. “So that's what it's like to teleport,” She murmured to herself. That was how they had gotten to the island, Trisa had teleported them. “Hey, Phoenix! What are you doing here?” Artemis said, scolding her friend.
“Don't shout like that! My ears are much more sensitive than yours, you know.”
“What was that?” Phoenix exclaimed, looking around wildly.
“Oh, that was my friend Trisa,” Artemis said, pointing to the cat on her left shoulder blade.
It's nice to see you again, Trisa. It's been awhile since the last time we saw each other.
“What in Sam Hill was that?!” Artemis said, looking around.
“That was Scorch, the Phoenix-Dragon,” Phoenix said, pointing to her small companion.
After a few hours of telling each other what happened, Artemis looked at the sky. “We should get going, it's getting late,” She said, standing up. Phoenix nodded and pulled herself to her feet beside her sister.
“Alright; we will join you in a few days, please, be careful,” Trisa meowed.
The girls nodded and Phoenix teleported them off of the island.