XXXHolic Fan Fiction ❯ true intentions... ❯ chapter 1 ( Chapter 1 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
disclaimer: i do not own xxxholic....that is the propertery of the great CLAMP. not mine.

"we'll do it tomorrow sanya....get back at that woman" said the teenage girl sitting on a rock in a graveyard. "but how seichi? she knows everything we are gonna do? " asked a girl behind her "do you know how to kill a witch sanya?" she asked " don't...sister"the other said sitting down next to her "take something of value from her.....and DESTROY it. a witch cannot fall into's against their nature...if a witch should get even slightly depressed her powers will be gone....if she falls into a deep depression...her heart'll stop on its own..." said seichi "but what is important to this one?" she asked "that boy......we kill him...the shock alone will kill her" said seichi "got it!it's a kidnaping" said the other one as she disapeared