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“How are you feeling?” Watari asked Black Jack.
“Good enough, considering the circumstances. However I don't think I should be up and about yet.” Black Jack responded.
“That's normal for people poisoned by demons. Once they receive the antidote, they are usually unconscious for three days, bedridden for two, and are stuck in a wheelchair for four.” Watari explained.
Black Jack replied dryly, “Sounds fun, I get to be in a wheelchair again.”
“Oh, have you been in a wheelchair for a broken leg?” Watari asked, genuinely curious.
“Yes, but that's not what I was talking about.” Black Jack replied quietly.
Now Tatsumi was getting into the conversation, “Something worse?” he asked. As he saw the look of pain and grief flash across Black Jack's face, he questioned further. “What was it? You can tell us; it's not like we'll tell anyone in the world of the living.” He said softly.
“Much worse,” Black Jack responded. “An undetonated bomb exploded in my face and my mother's. Afterwards, my mother was in a coma and shortly died; my father left us; and I was almost dead. The only reason that I survived was because Dr. Homna saved me.” By this point in the story Black Jack was almost crying.
Everyone in the room except Pinoko was shocked (Black Jack had already told her this). Pinoko instead of being shocked just went over and hugged him. The rest of them had never guessed that he had such a tragic past.
“Ah, so that's why there were the signs of a major reconstructive surgery on your body. I was wondering about that. It's probably also the reason for that scar on your face, your different colored skins, and your black and white hair.” At Black Jack's nod he went on, “Anyways,” Watari said, changing the subject, “Is Pinoko really 20? I find it a bit hard to believe.”
“Yes, technically she is 20.” At this he sighed and glanced at Pinoko before continuing, “However, in my opinion she's about 2.” At this last remark Pinoko threw him a glare.
“How is that so?” Watari asked.
“She's a teratoid cyrstoma.” Black Jack replied.
At this a look of comprehension dawned on Watari's face. Tatsumi and Tsuzuki however were just plain confused.
Bored about talk of all these scientific matters, Tsuzuki told Black Jack, “I told you I would explain, and so I will now.”
“Go on.” Black Jack said before nodding.
“Ok. We here are all shinigami or angels of death. In addition to having great regenerative power, we also have something that we can each do. Watari for example is really good at science. However, I would advise you not to eat or drink anything you are given by him.” At this Watari shot him a glare. “I can summon twelve different shikigami. You saw me summon Byakko the other day. The others, well, they'll tell you if they want to.” Tsuzuki explained.
“You didn't mention what we do.” Tatsumi reminded him.
“We work for the Summons Bureau of the Ministry of Hades. Our job is to investigate unnatural occurrences and put a stop to them.” Tsuzuki explained.
“Well, it's getting late. You should probably get some dinner and sleep. I'm going to stop by the library. Would you like me to find any books for you Black Jack?” Watari mentioned.
“Sure, can you find any medical books you might have? I need to catch up on my reading.” Black Jack responded.
After that Tsuzuki, Tatsumi, and Watari left, leaving Pinoko and Black Jack alone. Black Jack followed Watari's advice and ate the curry Pinoko fed him and then promptly fell asleep.
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