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Well, enjoy!
Hisoka, Black Jack, and Pinoko walked into the library. Well, in Black Jack's case he rolled in as he was using a wheelchair.
When they came in, they were greeted by what seemed to be two flying chickens. Black Jack and Pinoko blinked at this and had to take another look. “Hi Hisoka”, the one with the blue hat said, “And who are they?” he asked, “Our guests?”
“Hai,” Hisoka responded. He turned to Black Jack and Pinoko and said, “These are the Gushoshin twins.” He then turned to the twins, “And these two are Black Jack and Pinoko.” He told them.
After exchanging pleasantries, the group went into the library. “So what kinds of books are you looking for?” asked the Gushoshin twin with the red hat.
“I'm looking for medical books,” Black Jack responded. “I don't know what Kurosaki-san is looking for.
“Currently I think I will look at medical books also.” Hisoka replied. “Do you have any suggestions?” he asked Black Jack.
“Sure, let's see which books they have.” Black Jack responded.

And with that they were led to the medical section of the library and after each finding a few books to read (even Pinoko) they sat down at the tables and began to read.
Terazuma was going to the archery range when he heard a thud. “Sounds like someone is practicing, he thought, “I wonder who it is though.”
When Terazuma walked in, to his surprise he found the man Tsuzuki had brought here eight days ago. Said man was in a wheelchair and was throwing scalpels at the target. Yes, scalpels. He was even managing to hit the bull's eye every single time. Terazuma was just plain amazed at this, yet he wondered why someone would need to throw scalpels so accurately.
“Why are you practicing throwing scalpels?” Terazuma asked Black Jack.
“Self defense,” Black Jack replied.
“Aren't you a doctor? What if you kill someone like that?” Terazuma asked, anxious.
“I won't. I'm very careful not to hit a vital point and I will patch them up once they're unconscious. I am a doctor as you said. I can't just kill someone.” Black Jack responded.
Terazuma had a new respect for the man. It seemed as if he would stick to his morals as a doctor.
Terazuma reached for his bow and arrows. “Have you ever done archery?” he asked the man. Once Black Jack shook his head, Terazuma declared, “Well, watch and learn!” At this point he was about ready to fire.
Terazuma fired and hit the bull's eye. Black Jack's eyes widened in amazement at the demonstration he was shown. It was only natural of course. It was the first time Black Jack had seen archery.
Black Jack congratulated Terazuma on the bull's eye and said that he knew how to do archery.
Terazuma replied to him, “I'll teach you archery if you teach me how to throw scalpels.” At Black Jack's nod, he started showing the man how to string the bow and how to hold it.
After Terazuma taught Black Jack the basics of archery, Black Jack in turn taught Terazuma the basics of throwing scalpels (probably about the same as throwing darts I think). Of course, since Black Jack was sitting, he had to tell Terazuma how to throw them standing up since he couldn't.
“Have your feet slightly apart,” he said, “Then pull your hand back and throw. At the same time step forward with your opposite foot.” He coached. (1)

After an hour of lessons each, they both retired to whatever they were going to do afterward. They decided to keep teaching each other every day when Black Jack was here and they had the time.
(1) I'm not sure if that's actually how you throw a dart or scalpel for that matter.
I hope everyone has enjoyed the story so far. I will try to update again soon.