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Black Jack was waylaid by Watari as he was about to enter his room after his second day of archery practice.
“So, today's your last day in that wheelchair, right?” Watari inquired.
“Yea, that's right.” Black Jack responded.
“Well, after you're better, you'll still probably have to stay here for a number of days. Since that is the case I was wondering if you might be willing to treat any patients we get?” Watari asked, glancing nervously at the man beside him.
“Hai, but on one condition,” Black Jack replied, “You need to promise that you will not slip any potions or such in my, Pinoko's, or any of the patients' food or drink. Also, why would you get patients?” he asked.
“It's possible that people may get hurt when we do our cases. It's happened before.” Watari stated. “And, hai, I accept your condition. It will be a pleasure to work with you Black Jack-san.” Watari replied.
With that they split up and went their separate ways. Black Jack to his room and Watari back to whatever crazy experiment he had going at the moment.

Black Jack was going to the library. He had just talked to Tsuzuki and had asked the man what dish he wanted to learn. Tsuzuki wanted to learn how to make a bento box.
Black Jack had then sent the man off to get the ingredients while he read up on how to make it. It wasn't that he never made a bento box; it's just that he hadn't in over two years.
Once Black Jack was in the library he asked for a book on fish anatomy and a book on how to make a bento box. The book on fish anatomy was so he would be able to cut up the salmon correctly and the book on how to make a bento box was to remind him of any details he might have forgotten.
Once he had the books he sat down and read until Tsuzuki came back.

Tatsumi was surprised. “How did Tsuzuki get anyone to agree to teach him how to cook? They all know he's horrible at it.” He thought.
Anyways, Tatsumi was going to watch this. After all, he didn't want Tsuzuki to burn down the whole kitchen.
When Tatsumi got there, it seems others had the same thoughts as well. Besides him, there were five other people who were not participating in the lesson as well. They were Hisoka, Terazuma, Wakaba, Watari, and Pinoko.
Off to the side were Tsuzuki and his teacher Black Jack. They were talking about what they would do. It seems that from what he heard that Tsuzuki would not be doing any actual cooking today. When they heard that, it seems as if everyone had breathed a sigh of relief.
Before Black Jack started, Tatsumi had to ask him a question. “Why are you teaching Tsuzuki how to make a bento box?” he asked.
Black Jack shortly replied before beginning, “I promised him I would teach him to make something because he stinks at cooking. When Pinoko tried something he made, she got food poisoning. As a doctor, I cannot let him give everyone food poisoning.” Black Jack stated as if it was a fact.
“Ah, that makes sense. So that's how he got someone to teach him something.” Tatsumi thought satisfied, as he grabbed a chair and sat down to watch.
Black Jack's cooking, at least in Tatsumi's opinion, was almost perfect. He did everything correctly, that's for sure; however, Tatsumi noticed that he boiled the rice just a little longer than he needed to. How he treated the fish though, was spectacular. He was able to cut it up in a matter of a couple minutes. It was almost as if he was dissecting it. Besides that, everything was as to be expected from a good chef.
When he was done, he had everyone test taste it. They all managed to agree that it was pretty good. It looked like to Tatsumi that he had managed to make friends of everyone there basically (that or they were treating him with respect as Tatsumi had told them to).
After the taste testing, Black Jack turned to Tsuzuki and asked him if he thought he could do the same.
Tsuzuki replied that he probably could because Black Jack had carefully gone over the details.
After that, Tatsumi left to resume his work.
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