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Ch. 16
Black Jack sighed. Another new day was upon them, and they still weren't any closer to finding how to treat Tsuzuki or in finding the culprits.
Pinoko looked at him questioningly and asked him what was wrong.
“It's just that we haven't gotten any closer to helping Tsuzuki. Pinoko, why don't you go and ask the Gushoshin twins if we overlooked anything. You should also ask if there have been cases like this in the past.” Black Jack replied.
One, no two hours passed. Still Pinoko did not come back. Black Jack was just beginning to get worried when….
Pinoko came stumbling in, a book bigger than she was tall in her hands. The Gushoshin twins accompanied her, making sure the little girl didn't fall.
Black Jack's eyes widened at this scene, and in less than five seconds, he was there beside her, helping her. “Pinoko,” he inquired as he moved to support her, “Why do you have such a humungous book?”
One of the twins replied for her. “These are the records of the dead shinigami. With these we should be able to tell if there have been any cases similar to Tsuzuki's.”
Black Jack thought, `Well, I did ask her to find out if there had been any cases like that.'
As they set the book down on the table, Tatsumi and Watari came over to investigate. At their shared glances, Tatsumi asked, “Isn't that the records of past shinigami? Don't you need clearance to look through that?”
The twins nodded. “Hai, we do need clearance. Fortunately it was granted when we explained the situation.” The younger twin replied.
It was a group effort to open the heavy book without damaging it. Once inside they looked at the table of contents. There was actually a listing called Died of Unnatural Deaths! They flipped to the start of the vague section. After looking for a while, they were able to find a subtitle named Poisoned People. This section was exactly what they needed. It told of the symptoms of the poison and of what kind it was.
Meanwhile…. At a different place entirely….
“Mwahahahahahahahaha, mwahahahahaahahaha.” The evil demon laughed out loud. Too loud perhaps.
“Keep it down in there minion! Or else I will kill you, even if your plan does succeed.”
“Hai Your Evilness. Will do.” The small (evil?) demon responded respectively (and a little fearfully).
After taking his tone down a notch, the minion continued in a most unfrightening voice. “My evil plan is almost finished! It only takes a couple weeks for a shinigami to die from my poison! They will never find the cure in time! Because there is none! Mwahahahahaha.” After a few minutes the demon starts breaking into evil laughter again, however stops, coughing for lack of oxygen.
“I said stop!!!!” the minion's boss declared angrily and sent an energy ball right through the wall, into the minions rump, scorching him.
“Ouchie! Ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch!” The whimpering demon exclaimed, all the while hopping between his two feet.
“I do hope you just learned a lesson.” The elder and more powerful demon admonished. The minion's boss then started cackling, much more evilly than the younger demon could ever dream of doing.

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