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Tatsumi returned to the room with his papers in hand. On returning, he looked around and saw only Watari, Black Jack, Terazuma, Hisoka, and Pinoko still there (Pinoko was sitting on Black Jack's lap).
Tatsumi went to sit down and then noticed that Black Jack had a cup of coffee. “Oh no,” he thought “Did Watari make that?”
Tatsumi seriously did not want Watari experimenting on anyone else; especially if that person was human and actually helping them.
Terazuma had apparently thought the same thing. He walked over to the man and inquired about the coffee. “By any chance, did Watari make that?” he asked cautiously.
“No.” Black Jack replied with a smile, “Pinoko was kind enough to make it for me.” At this he looked down at the sleeping girl. Black Jack continued, “Anyways, it would not have mattered even if Watari did make this coffee. He has agreed not to slip any potions into my, Pinoko's, or any patients' we have food or drink in exchange for my help. So you see it's quite safe for me to drink it.” He elaborated.
The two men (Tatsumi and Terazuma) stared at him in awe. They had never even thought of bargaining with Watari so he wouldn't slip them potions.
“Maybe I could get Watari to stop experimenting on everyone if I raised his lab budget…” Tatsumi thought as he returned his attention back to his work.

“It's lunch time!” Tsuzuki boisterously yelled as he walked into the lab, Pinoko following him.
Watari, Tatsumi, and Hisoka resignedly got up. “Well, it is already 1:00, I'm surprised you could wait this long.” Tatsumi said as he glanced down at his watch with a sigh.
“I couldn't. I just got up.” Tsuzuki sheepishly admitted as his stomach let out a growl.
“I'll make something!” Pinoko offered excitedly. After noticing that Black Jack wasn't coming, she asked, “Chenchei, aren't you coming?”
At this everyone looked at Black Jack.
Black Jack, to say the least, was unaware of all this. He was sleeping, with his head pillowed on his arms. Scattered medical papers and books were all over his desk and so were empty cups of coffee.
Tatsumi soon broke the silence. “It seems as if our friend is asleep. Did he stay up all night or something?” he questioned.
Watari answered him, “Now that you mention it, he probably did. He was still here when I retired last night and was here this morning when I came in.”
“Well, the least we could do is to put him in bed. He has been working hard to help us.” Hisoka mentioned.
Everyone looked a bit surprised at this. Hisoka did not usually suggest that they do anything out of their way.
“You're right.” Tsuzuki responded. “We should at least do that.” He said as he carefully lifted the man into his arms.
After leaving Black Jack in his bed, the five decided to leave him a note in case he woke up while they were eating.
Then they quietly left the room and went to the kitchen. Pinoko then proceeded to send them out as she readied to cook.
Pinoko cooked curry for them. When she was done, she brought it out to them.
Everyone, after tasting the curry, agreed that it was wonderful. They promptly thanked Pinoko for the wonderful meal.
About this time, Black Jack came in. He yawned and then sat down. Pinoko was more than happy to serve him a bowl of curry. He nodded at Pinoko (to thank her) and then set at the curry with the amount of hunger Tsuzuki would usually display. (1)
When he was finished, he looked up and said sheepishly, “Sorry, I didn't have dinner last night or breakfast this morning; I was too busy cross-referencing medical books on poisons to try to find what had poisoned Tsuzuki.”
“Still,” Watari said firmly, “You shouldn't have stayed up all night or skipped dinner or breakfast. You are still recovering from the poison, Black Jack.” Watari reprimanded him.
“Sorry,” was all that Black Jack would say. He then turned to Pinoko, “Arigatou for the meal, Pinoko. Now, if you will excuse me, I have to return to work.”
“Aye, aye, Chenchei.” She responded, “I'll come with you.”
And with that the two left, leaving the four others to finish lunch and then clean up all the dishes.
(1) Tsuzuki has a really big appetite.
Well, I hope everyone has enjoyed the chapter and has enjoyed the story so far. Sorry for the wait, it was longer than I expected.