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By the time Hisoka had come back, Black Jack and Watari were both done with their separate jobs and were comparing results.
“Come look at this Bon.” Watari called out as he saw the younger boy enter the room.
Hisoka came over to see. There was a chart in front of each of them of their data. Black Jack's chart showed the components of Tsuzuki's blood, while Watari's chart showed what was on the dart tip.
They had both circled what was abnormal with their data. So, basically, there was one thing circled on each; the poison.
“Well, our hypothesis was correct. Tsuzuki was poisoned.” Black Jack told Hisoka.
“What does the poison do?” Hisoka asked nervously, turning to look at him.
Black Jack answered him, “We don't know yet; or at least not exactly. The only thing we know about it is that it can slow down the regenerative powers of shinigami, so it'd probably kill a human if they were poisoned.”
Watari looked at him comfortingly, “Bon, don't worry, we'll figure this out soon and then fix it.”
Hisoka looked around questioningly, “By the way, where is Tsuzuki?” the green eyed boy asked.
“He said he was feeling sleepy afterwards so he went to bed in the hospital room.” Black Jack answered shortly.
“Anyways, what can I do to help?” Hisoka inquired.
“You and everyone else who wants to help can by investigating who did this to Tsuzuki. If we find the culprit, we may be able to question him or her as to what the poison does. If we learn that, it would be a lot easier to treat him.” Watari replied. “But remember, be careful.”
Nodding, Hisoka walked out of the room to find volunteers.
He thought as he walked, “Tatsumi told me that he would call a meeting. That would be the perfect place to find volunteers.”
And so Hisoka walked into the meeting and asked to talk. Knowing that the kid had gone to ask Watari and Black Jack about how they could help, Tatsumi let him.
“My fellow shinigami,” he said, eyeing them as he went, “Our friend and my partner Tsuzuki has been poisoned. I went to ask Watari and Black Jack how we could help. They replied that it would be helpful to know what the poison does; it is one they don't recognize. And so it is our job to figure out who did this and question them as to what the poison does. Any volunteers?” he asked at the end.
A number of the assembled people raised their hands. Among them were Tatsumi, Saya, Yuma, Chief Konoe, Wakaba, Terazuma (after Wakaba elbowed him in the ribs), the Gushoshin twins, and a few other people whom Hisoka did not recognize.
Hisoka then spoke again, “Arigatou to all of you who volunteered. We greatly appreciate your help.” With that he bowed and took a seat.
Tatsumi then rose and took control of the meeting. “If you did not volunteer, then you can now leave.” After he said that, around two thirds of the people got up then left. (1) “And if you did volunteer, follow me.”
Tatsumi led them all to the lab. At Watari's and Black Jack's questioning looks, he explained, “Watari, Black Jack, we are your volunteer group. We will be setting up a headquarters here so we can share what happens with you easily.”
Watari started clearing a table. “Arigatou to all those assembled here for volunteering. Here, you can use this table to put any reports you have down on.” Watari stated graciously.
“Tell everyone I'm going to stay here to look through reports.” Tatsumi announced to the crowd as he left to get his supplies for his work (after all, he still had his regular work to do).

And with that, those in the lab drifted out, back to their own work.
(1)The meeting Tatsumi called was available for all departments to attend. About half the people came.
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