Yami No Matsuei Fan Fiction ❯ Blood Bond ❯ Chapter 4 ( Chapter 4 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Hisoka. Come to me.”
It was both a command, and a choice. The doctor would hurt him, there was no question in that. He knew well the small blade in Muraki's coat pocket. And somehow he knew the man in front of him was a wall; no one, not even Muraki, could pass through if he did not wish it. He knew that to remain would be to avoid more pain. But to remain meant...
His eyes rose to the man's... Tsuzuki's... back and an intimate panic filled his chest. A sound, an unidentifiable, wordless groan tore from inside him, and he shoved himself forward. He ran until he could move no more, trapped in a white, icy embrace. He winced and bit his tongue against the pain, the shock radiating from the dark man.
“Muraki. Muraki you bastard! What did you do to him!”
“Answer me, damn you!”
Charged air whirled heatedly around the three, ripping at clothes and hair, pregnant with destructive intent. “This? I'm afraid, Mister Tsuzuki, that this is not my work.”
A distant prickling heralded the notice of the Shikigami, roiling beneath the layers of this world in their desperation to answer their master's rage.
“I will not play your games Muraki!” Tsuzuki's voice, a shaking cacophony of forced calm, swept round them.
With mock tenderness the doctor drew the boy to himself, wrapping the heated body in the cool relief of his jacket. “All I did was indulge in a little...” Tsuzuki hissed, anguished, eyes screwed shut to block out the red that bubbled to the surface of smooth, pale skin. “...bloodletting.” The dark-haired man's spells slammed relentlessly against them, a nuisance more than a threat against the doctor's shields. The child, his doll, made no sound. Once, twice, thrice he cut; long narrow trails down a trembling arm. “Needing external pain to distract his mind from internal pain: so intricately, wholly human. He's almost an acceptable replacement for you Mister Tsuzuki. His suffering is almost as satisfying.”
Liquid ease drew more ofuda to the shinigami's hand, but the gesture was as empty. He could try no stronger spells; he would risk no move that would harm the boy. “It's ironic isn't it Mister Tsuzuki? How sad, that you're the only person who could hurt him this badly.”
The shinigami snarled, and for the briefest of moments the monster's heritage that lurked behind those beautiful eyes reared, barely constrained. Air and leaf and rock snapped, alive with electric anger.
“Get away from him!”
“You're always so emotional Mister Tsuzuki. It must be painful to have to work with you, to have to feel everything you feel magnified. I wonder, what was it you said to him? What emotion could you have possibly felt that would be strong enough to nearly destroy the poor boy's mind?”
Silent realization unfolded in startled purple eyes.
“Ah. So you finally remember your sin?”
Hisoka! I told you to stay behind!”
Stop treating me like a kid. I could have handled it.”
“You were angry at him, weren't you?”
“He... he could have been hurt. I was... what if...”
Don't you understand how I feel when I have to come rescue you?”
Then don't come! No one asked you to. I said I could handle it.”
“You never were any good and controlling your emotions.”
“I didn't know... I didn't realize that...”
You're deliberately twisting my words!”
Tsuzuki stop!”
No, you're going to listen to me, damn you! Even if it's just a routine job you can't just go running off on your own like that!”
Let go of me!”
You're an empath. You can tell what I'm feeling. You know how I feel about you.”
It's too much! Stop! Tsuzuki, I can't...”
You know how much I love...
“Such simple words,” he murmured into his broken doll's hair. “Such simple words to create such gratifying music. Don't you think so, Hisoka?” But his doll had no words of his own to speak. “Perhaps this is why. Perhaps this is why I know that even when I allow him to wander from me, that he will return.” Fluidly he swept the boy into his arms. “Perhaps it is because he knows that I will never love him.”
They escaped on a simple, single word transport spell. The park, the sun, the fury faded into aseptic, florescent white of the doctor's laboratory around them. The ground where they once stood collapsed into a blackened pocket of ash. In his dormant heart Muraki could feel the vibrations: the roar of despair from a man in a distant rest-area, and he smiled.
'I will keep him.' He draped the child across a couch, smirking at the little doll he had found wandering and disoriented. 'I will keep him just so you will keep singing for me, Tsuzuki.'
The End.
In a manner of speaking... see note in previous chapter... who am I kidding? Even I'm too lazy to go back a page.
I plan to use this as a prologue to a full length instead of as a full length story since it will get tiresome to read after a while. It's far too pretty to throw away. And I never discard anything that someone has reviewed. That's just... rude.